Jewish Arts & Culture

Jewish Arts & Culture

At the J, we strive to enhance the quality of Jewish life in and around our community. We empower people to embrace Jewish culture by participating in Jewish Learnings and Israel engagement.

If you’re looking for answers to your biggest questions about Judaism, you’ve come to the right place. The Dallas J offers a variety of Jewish education classes, including Jewish Mindfulness, Chocolate Hebrew (yep, a class with chocolate!), and Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab Israeli Conflict. At the Florence Melton School, adults can enroll in courses that delve deep into Jewish history, culture and fundamentals. The Gesher  Program is a life-changing Jewish learning opportunity designed for, but not limited to, graduates of the Melton School.

Funded in part with a generous grant from Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas


Jewish Learning

The Melton School

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a global network of 60 community-based schools that offer adults an opportunity to gain Jewish literacy in a non-denominational, intellectually-stimulating learning environment.

The curriculum, created by scholars at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, explores the texts of Jewish tradition, both ancient and contemporary. Join us for spirited dialogue, meaningful study, and the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish.

The Gesher Program

The Gesher Program is a dynamic, engaging and life-changing Jewish learning opportunity at the J! Gesher courses are developed by the Dallas area Rabbis and Educators for JCC Dallas.

Film Fest

The Jewish Film Festival of Dallas provides a window to the Jewish experience and allows us to explore contemporary and historical themes in many different global settings. Some films will make you laugh and others will make you cry…all will provide you with a life lesson. In our 23rd season, we are delighted to present ten compelling films during the month of September. After many of the films we will have a Talk Back with an expert on the subject matter at hand. The intent is to enhance the viewing and learning experience for our audience.


The mission of BookFest is to celebrate the written word brought to us by  Jewish authors and books with Jewish content. Each year we seek the very best authors and books to provide a window to the Jewish experience and give our community members the opportunity to engage with the person behind the book while discovering what inspires the author in his or her creative work.