Visual Arts Classes

“Every Child is An Artist”  – Pablo Picasso

Our small art classes provide individual instruction on technique and allow each student to learn and explore in a fun and empowering community. Students will connect mind and body, as they learn to visually communicate what they see, imagine and feel. Does your child have an idea or concept they want to explore or medium they want to learn? Our classes are flexible to support your artist and their creativity.

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If the JPAS class you are interested in joining has already begun and online registration is no longer available,
please email arobinson@jccdallas.org your request; she would be happy to assist you. 

Thursdays, January 19 – May 4 (Ages 6+)

This class is perfect for kids who want to learn to draw, paint, and create!  Weekly projects will help you tap into your imagination while exploring the world around you. Practice hand-eye coordination and enhance fine motor skills!

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Art Exhibit Showcase: May 4 at 5:00 pm
No Class:  March 16, April 6 and April 13
Price: $310 Members | $390 NonMemebers  | Supply Fee: $50
Artistic Staff: Zahida Ahmed

Wednesdays, January 18 – May 3 (Ages 6+)

These classes will focus on telling ‘YOUR’ story through artistic expression! Think self-portraits, visual storytelling techniques, symbolism, and original compositions. Learn to use charcoal, acrylics, and mixed media! Classes will cover drawing techniques, color theory, and design principles. 

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Art Exhibit Showcase: May 3 at 5:00 pm
No Class: March 15, April 5 and April 12
Price: $310 Members | $390 NonMemebers  | Supply Fee: $50
Artistic Staff: Zahida Ahmed

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What sets JPAS apart is the
practice of acknowledging and accepting
our own feelings and thoughts to help our
students be in the present moment
and allow them to have a better sense of self.


Our students learn to visually communicate
what they see, imagine and feel.
We challenge our students to
ignite and foster artistic expression
and their individual talents.


We work with the finest in the performing arts
industry from Broadway across the map to DFW.


We love expanding our existing program
to help reach more young minds and
quench their thirst for the arts while
empowering children to dig
deep, dive in, and have fun!


We focus on building our students
self-confidence and consciousness
because we believe inner
strength is a key to growth. 


About Randal Robins

Randal had an immediate attraction to artmaking from the first time she picked up a crayon. She began taking private art lessons at the age of five and fully immersed herself in drawing, painting, crafts, and mixed media. Randal was enrolled at the Sofia Art Academy under Sofia and Igor Khunteyev, where she studied in a Russian Academic atelier style school, focusing on proportion, color, anatomy, life drawing, and composition. Randal also attended classes at Parsons the New School for Design. Randal earned her B.F.A. in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. She received her M.F.A. in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas. Randal is now a professional artist and educator working in DFW.

Website: randalrobins.com | Instagram: randalrobins

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