Staff Directory

Abby Tarlo, Gymnastics Recreational Director 214-239-7190
Adam Olivares, Chief Facilities Director 214-239-7178
Adina Weinberg, Jewish Cultural & Outreach Coordinator 214-239-7182
Adriana Martinez, Aquatics Office Manager 214-239-7197
Alise Robinson, Manager, J Performing Arts 214-239-7140
Amy Postel, Gymnastics Director 214-239-7176
Anna Angorina, Senior Coordinator 214-239-7119
Anna Miller-Goodman, Executive Admin Assistant to the CEO 214-239-7102
Artie Allen, Chief Executive Officer 214-239-7101
Austin Holley, Tennis Director 214-239-7156
Belinda Senevey, Controller 214-239-7142
Brett Unell, Baylor Scott & White Health Wellness Coordinator 214-239-7191
Brian Lovelace, J on Wheels Program Coordinator & Teen Services Manager 214-239-7125
Brian Solka, Graphic/Web Designer 214-239-7123
Carlos Todd, Assistant Facilities Manager 214-239-7150
Carol Agronin, Associate Director & CFO 214-239-7109
Carolyn Goodson, Gift Shop Manager 214-239-7139
Carrie Ann Gormley, Membership Sales Director 214-239-7138
Cindy Burch, Front Desk 214-239-7104
Colin Campbell, Assistant Aquatics Director 214-239-7175
Cynthia Casper, GECC Program Coordinator 214-239-7118
Daniel Taylor, General Manager of Sports, Fitness & Wellness 214-239-7127
Dave Stanton, Educational Coordinator; Camp Simchah Co-director 214-239-7162
David Atherton, Sports + Fitness Welcome Desk Supervisor 214-239-7158
Denise Lambert, Gymnastics Team Director 214-239-7190
Ed Cantrell, Director of Building & Grounds 214-239-7167
Ela Bilgin, Fitness Member Services Manager 214-239-7141
Eli Cohn-Wein, General Manager & Executive Chef 214-239-7135
Emily Kramer, Gymnastics Coach 214-239-7190
Gloria Reed, Front Desk 214-239-7104
Jeffrey Robinson, Head Chef 214-239-7135
Jennifer Truong, Creative Manager 214-239-7123
Jenny Ingram, Managing Director of LKSA 214-239-7196
Jerry Campbell, Payroll Administrator 214-239-7159
Josh Goldstein, Sports & Leagues Director 214-239-7145
Julie Gehring, Chief Development Officer 214-239-7103
Karli Ward, Special Events & Hospitality Director 214-239-7172
Karly Kirby, HR Manager 214-239-7124
Katharine Rubenstein, Senior Adult Program Director 214-239-7115
Katie Donati, Development Administrative Assistant 214-239-7136
Kay Hale, Senior Adult Office Manager 214-239-7149
Kay Morris, General Ledger Bookkeeper 214-239-7105
Kim Brazil, Facilities Coordinator 214-239-7143
Laura Seymour, Director of Camping Services 214-239-7110
Lavalle Roberts, Fitness & Wellness Director 214-239-7155
Liz Braley, Membership & Fitness Benefits Coordinator 214-239-7112
Michael Lin, Gymnastics Coach 214-239-7190
Michelle Ditzenberger, Accounts Receivable 214-239-7107
Nicolette Carver, Gymnastics Office Manager 214-239-7190
Peggy Netter, Administration Assistant, Membership & Fitness Benefits 214-239-7113
Rachel Wagner, Youth & Teen Director 214-239-7189
Rachelle Weiss Crane, Israel Engagement/Jewish Living Director 214-239-7128
Rena Grubstein, Tennis Pro Shop Manager 214-239-7154
Robin Davlin, Accounts Payable 214-239-7106
Sam Neckar, Aquatics Director 214-239-7198
Sharon Cane, Outreach Coordinator 214-239-7183
Susan Wynne, GECC Office Manager 214-239-7117
Suzi McCarthy, Dance Instructor 214-239-7179
Tammy Tycher Hoogland, Discovery/Enrichment Specialist 214-239-7152
Tanya Johnson, Speedflex and Sports & Fitness Business Manager 214-239-7147
Tara Sutker Ohayon, Director of Early Childhood Education 214-239-7157
Terri Arends, Group Fitness Director 214-239-7137