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October 2022 (1)

December 4-Week Speedflex Challenge

Get a jump start on your 2023 new year fitness regimen!

How many Speed Flex classes can you participate in the month of December? This free 4-week coached fitness workout will help you to feel strong, confident, and ready to find a healthy, happy you in 2023. 

Reserve your spot on the Spivi app. Pick up your accountability card in the Speed Flex studio.

Revolutionary, High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workout.

Without getting too technical, you only get what you give. Speedflex machines respond to you. Suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level, Speedflex enables everyone to exercise at high intensities, but at levels set by each individual. This coupled with the added benefit of little (or no) post training muscle soreness; Speedflex is efficient, enjoyable and delivers a cardiovascular and resistance workout simultaneously.

Speedflex machines have a free motion bar which, unlike traditional resistance exercise machines, requires users to apply force through an entire exercise, as opposed to force in one direction, followed by a controlled movement back to the starting position. This means that even the most basic of exercises will become bigger and more complex, requiring the use of opposite muscle groups.

Colossal Calorie Burner

  1. Click here to sign-up for a class on the schedule (for those with a Spivi account log-in)
  2. For new participants, create an account, add the J as your location, and download the Spivi App
  3. Reserve your spot (spots are limited)

Speedflex is free for members.


One Speedflex machine, an endless number of exercises.


Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.


A combination of Speedflex machines and traditional exercises.


No pressure on your joints.


No bulking just lean muscle building.


Users work to move the bar in both directions, engaging more muscles.


Week of Events

For more information, please contact Terri Arends at 214-239-7137 or tarends@jccdallas.org.

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