Jewish Learning


The Melton School

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a global network of 60 community-based schools that offer adults an opportunity to gain Jewish literacy in a non-denominational, intellectually-stimulating learning environment.

The curriculum, created by scholars at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, explores the texts of Jewish tradition, both ancient and contemporary. Join us for spirited dialogue, meaningful study, and the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish.

Gesher Program

The Gesher Program is a dynamic, engaging, and life-changing Jewish learning opportunity at the J! Gesher courses that are developed by the Dallas area Rabbis and Educators for JCC Dallas.

Upcoming Classes

Thugs Who Knew Torah

Lansky. Bugsy. Rothstein. Notorious American criminals that happened to be Jewish. In this interactive, multi-media course, we will break traditional Jewish stereotypes and view the Jewish immigration experience and its connection to organized crime.

Date: Tuesdays, April 13 – May 11
Time: 2:00 pm-3:30 pm CT
Location: Live on Zoom
School: Gesher
Instructor: Beri Schwitzer
Tuition: $125 member | $156 non member

One of a Kind – Rabbi, Psychiatrist and Healer of the Heart and Soul – Rabbi Dr. Abraham J Twerski OBM

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski zt”l was one of a kind – a respected rabbi, a world-class psychiatrist, a prolific author, and a true friend to so many – and outstanding in every way. A scion of great Chassidic dynasties, he was a world-renowned psychiatrist, helping countless people escape the horrors of addiction and overcome other obstacles. He became one of the Torah world’s most popular authors, authoring close to 40 of his books, including many Torah works, collections of Chassidic tales, a Haggadah, inspirational daily readers, and, of course, the psychology books that became life-improvers – and often life-changers – for tens of thousands of readers.

Date: Mondays, April 5 – May 10
Time: 9:30 am-10:30 am CT
Location: Live on Zoom
School: Gesher
Instructor: Rabbi Peretz Shapiro
Tuition: $100 member | $125 non member

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