On December 3, we will be participating in the annual campaign to raise $150,000 for Melton. This year, our campaign is strengthened by the support of a number of generous donors who have pledged to triple every dollar given to this 36-hour initiative.

Your support means even more adults will have the opportunity to explore Jewish texts and traditions in the Dallas community. Join us during this period of giving.

The Melton School

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a global network of 60 community-based schools that offer adults an opportunity to gain Jewish literacy in a non-denominational, intellectually-stimulating learning environment. The J offers a two-year program to adults in the Dallas area.

The curriculum, created by scholars at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, explores the texts of Jewish tradition, both ancient and contemporary. Join us for spirited dialogue, meaningful study, and the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish.

For questions or more information, contact Rachelle Weiss Crane, Melton Director, at 214-239-7128 or rweisscrane@jccdallas.org.

The Curriculum

The first hour, Rhythms of Jewish Living, focuses on the ideas, beliefs and practices that shape a Jewish life. It examines tradition and ritual observances connected to the Jewish calendar, along with life cycle events. The second hour, Purposes of Jewish Living, concentrates on the ultimate purposes of Judaism and the development of the covenant with G-d as revealed through the Bible and other sacred texts.

One hour is devoted to Crossroads of Jewish History as a tool to strengthen Jewish memory. It is an interactive study of a broad range of historical texts relating to specific dramas in Jewish history. The second hour, Ethics of Jewish Living, is a text-centered approach to the study of Jewish ethical foundations and includes discussions relating to justice, the sanctity of life, death, sexuality and community.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Honu Frankel Chapter of The Florence Melton Adult School Alumni Association

We celebrate Honu’s life and commitment to high quality adult Jewish education by honoring her memory and her love of learning. Honu’s family worked closely with Rachelle Weiss Crane and Annie Glickman to create this lasting tribute. The funds contributed provide for tuition assistance, faculty development, guest speakers and other important initiatives in Dallas, all of which will sustain the Adult School for years to come.

To become a member online of the Honu Frankel Chapter of The Florence Melton Adult School Alumni Association of Dallas, please contact Rachelle Weiss Crane at rweisscrane@jccdallas.org.


“Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed listening to all your wisdom in the [Melton Foundations] class. The book is good and you are great! I really look forward to our next class.”

“This was my first involvement with the Melton School but it won’t be my last…definitely succeeded in giving me a better understanding and appreciation of how to interpret, apply and continually learn the core values of Judaism…and apply to current everyday family life.”