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Forbidden Stories from the Tanakh: Sex & Intrigue

When: Monday, January 22nd & January 29th
Location: The Legacy Midtown Park
$36 J Member | $45 Non-Member

What are those stories in the Torah that you never hear in a rabbi’s sermon?    And, more importantly, why not?   Every story has a lesson to learn so join us for these two sessions to hear the stories, discover a variety of deeper meanings and find lessons you never knew were there.   In session 1, we look at the questionable behavior of our patriarchs Abraham and Isaac.   They are not perfect and do not need to be – can we still admire them?   And don’t forget about Lot – that is a story you never hear from the rabbi on Shabbat.   For session 2, we look at Jacob and sons (plus daughter).   Sex and power intertwine in great stories and lessons to be discovered.   Be prepared to be surprised!