Hello Camp Parents,

lksa logoThe first week of summer camp is swiftly approaching us and we want you to know what to expect for swim lessons during this time. I will also be answering some frequently asked questions toward the end of the post.

For eligible campers in Camp Simchah and for all campers in Camp Chai they will receive swim lessons through the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, our year-round swim school. The lessons will take place Monday through Thursday with special events on select Friday mornings. Each camper will be assessed during week one on Tuesday and Wednesday and all campers will be provided a swim level to be placed in a group starting on Monday, June 20th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lenny Krayzelburg? He is a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist and the founder of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy and the creator of the Swim Right®Learn-to-Swim curriculum.

swim girlWhat is our curriculum? The Swim Right®Method is a seven-level curriculum that focuses on water safety and independence before progressing onto correct body-position and stroke development. By the end of our curriculum a child is certified, “Swim Safe,” meaning that they have all the tools necessary to help save their own lives in the event of a water related emergency. Each child who graduates from our program is also “competition ready,” meaning that they have mastered all four swim strokes, dives and turns and are ready for swim team.

What type of lesson will my child be receiving during camp? Each camper will be receiving a group swim lesson that is appropriate to their skill level. The camp curriculum is abridged to fit the shorter time frame of the camp session.

If my child is enrolled into the year-round LKSA program will their camp level correspond to their academy level? Yes, we will do our best to make sure all campers are assigned the same level in the camp program. If you see that your child is not in the correct level please contact the Aquatics Office and we will correct it immediately.

My child swims across the pool at home or an another swim program, why do they need to learn how to back float? In an emergency a state of panic takes over and a potential drowning victim is not going to remember to swim and being vertical in the water are in a position to take in water. When a child is trained to roll to their back by simulating water emergencies, instinct rather than panic takes over and they move to a position that allows for an open airway and to prevent inhaling water. While we want each child in our program to become a masterful swimmer we want them to be safe first and foremost.

Will my child be forcibly thrown in the pool or made to perform survival skills? No. We only perform survival skills when a child has mastered the skills necessary to start practicing our survival testing. At that point we start with having a child jump into the pool and with the instructor’s help have them roll over to their back float. From there we start working with the child to do this independently and when they are ready the instructor will toss them into the pool to simulate falling into the pool. These tests are always monitored and the instructor is standing by to assist the child if needed.

Why was my child in a higher level last year and has gone back a level? There are two possible answers, either they were evaluated incorrectly on day one or if they have not been swimming since the previous summer their skills have likely regressed. Swimming, like any skill or sport requires constant practice.

How do I know what level my child is in or how they are progressing? If you are interested at any time please contact the Aquatics Office and we can retrieve that information for you. Progress Reports will be sent home at the end of each three week session.

My child is enrolled into Camp Simchah, will they receive lessons? If your child is three years of age and is fully potty trained they will receive daily lessons.

What should I pack daily for my child? A swim suit, swim shirt (optional), a towel and sunscreen. Goggles are not required and discouraged for levels 1 – 3 and are one of the most common lost items. Swim shoes are recommended to wear on the deck but will be removed for lessons.

We look forward to a happy and safe summer for all of our campers and my team and I are available for questions, comments or concerns at anytime during the camp season. 214-239-7141 or dtaylor@jccdallas.org.

Thank you,
Daniel Taylor