Classes Offered:

Pricing Structure:

One of the unique aspects of our business model is perpetual registration. Students can join lessons at any time. Lessons are ongoing, year-round.

Monthly Billing:

We offer a monthly billing system that eliminates the need for terms and registration periods. After an evaluation, the parent comes into the office to determine his schedule. It is up to the individual to decide on how many classes per week, and once she has picked the day and time, she pays for the current pro-rated month, plus the following month. After that, the client is included in the automatic billing system. A schedule change can occur at any time, and any billing adjustments will be calculated by the office staff at the time of the change.

Absence/Makeup policy
You will use the app/portal to mark your child’s absence. Once the instructor takes attendance for that class, a makeup token will be in your account. You can book makeups using the app/portal.
• Lessons must be cancelled by 9 am to receive a token.
• Credit will not be given for makeup tokens.
• Once booked, make-up lessons can not cancelled in the app/portal. You must contact an office staff member to cancel.

Substitute Instructors
While we strive for instructor consistency, we cannot guarantee the same instructor for each lesson. If your regular instructor is not available, another qualified instructor will be assigned whenever possible. Credit cannot be given for substitute teachers. If we have to cancel a class due to instructor absence, your account will be credited the cost of that lesson.

Registration Fees

  • The initial Enrollment Fee is $60 per student. Includes swim cap and student book.
  • Parent Tot classes’ initial enrollment fee is $50.
  • The annual registration fee is $20 dollars per child or $40 dollars maximum per family.
Type of Class Class Ratios Monthly Fee: J Member
(based on once/week)
Monthly Fee: Non-Member
(based on once/week)
Under Age 4 (20 min.) 1 x 1 $120 $145
4 Years and Older (25 min.) 4 x 1 $90 $110
Parent TOT (25 min.) 8 x 1 $70 $85
Stroke Advance (25 min.) 6 x 1 $80 $95

One student per instructor. This type of lesson is necessary for infants and students under the age of three who are not water safe and who require 100% supervision. It is also recommended for older students with extreme anxiety about the water or behavior that is non-conducive to group lessons, once the anxiety or behavior is overcome, the older student can fit happily into a group lesson.

Up to 4 students per instructor. For children three years and older, of any grade level, who can follow direction and work effectively in a class situation. For most students this is the ideal lesson structure. We make every attempt to group students of comparable ability, as well as maturity and compatibility together.

Up to 8 parent/tot couples per instructor. This class is ideal for the parent who would like to take an active role, and more relaxed approach to the teaching process. Working as a group and individually, the class uses songs and simple drills to acclimate the child to the aquatic environment and begins teaching the back float survival skills. This class is for children under 2 years old.

PT Evaluation Class

A prospective family may try out a parent tot class for free to get a feel for our curriculum, the class structure and meet other parent tot clients.

Beginner PT

This class is an introductory course to the SwimRight Method®. It is designed for the parents that want to spend time with their child while teaching the basics of swimming and safety through songs and games. This class offers an 8 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Advanced PT

For the parents that are ready to push their child in the progression of the SwimRight Method®. This class offers a 8 to 1 student/teacher ratio and is designed to allow the child to swim more independently while in the structure of the PT curriculum.

Up to 6 students are allowed in our top 2 levels (gliders and flyers). The instructor teaches from the deck rather than from the water. This curriculum provides a transition between lessons and swim team. Graduates of the top level, flyers, are able to confidently swim a 25 of each of the 4 competitive strokes as well as do a competitive dive, back start, and flip turn.

We offer adult swim lessons for beginners (including fear of the water) to competitive swimmers.

We offer adult swim lessons for beginners (including fear of the water) to competitive swimmers.
Adult lessons packages are below.

120 Minute Package:
Used in increments of 20, 40, or 60 minutes.
240 Minutes Package:
Used in increments of 20, 40, or 60 minutes.
Member Price: $125 Member Price: $225
 Non-Member Price: $150 Non-Member Price: $270

Adult lesson participants have 90 days from purchasing a lesson package to use all of the minutes.

For more information, contact Lia Oberstar-Brown at lbrown@jccdallas.org or Gabby Deville at gdeville@jccdallas.org