4 Foods That Can Help You Recover From the Holidays

After a couple of weeks of big holiday meals, fried goodness, and well-intentioned chocolatey treats from co-workers, your body might feel…well…beat up. The extra inflammation (and pounds) can leave you too tired to exercise and even increase your chances of catching the “ick” that’s floating around at work and school.

It’s at this point that you might be beating yourself up for overindulging and downward spiral into more indulging. Instead of focusing on all the badness you’ve eaten, I challenge you to try adding in these energizing and immune boosting foods instead:

Avocado was the star of 2017, and for good reason. As a super source of healthy fat, just ½ of this fruit (no, seriously…it’s considered a fruit) can help you stay full and satisfied until your next meal, thus avoiding the holiday gift basket dig-in.

My favorite way to eat avocado is on toast sprinkled with a little olive oil, sea salt and crushed red pepper flakes. You can also add it to smoothies for a silky, milkshake-like texture.


The yellow spice that is best known for its role in curry has these anti-effects that your body will be in favor of: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antifungal. This recipe featuring turmeric has the added benefit of promoting better sleep. I started adding this to my evening routine, and let me tell you, my sleep is now golden.


High in protein, fiber and magnesium, quinoa is a truly super way of fueling your body, reducing blood pressure and promoting healthy blood sugar control. It’s the winning fighter for post-holiday bloat, stress and too many sugary treats.

Here’s a delicious candy recipe chock-full of quinoa and other superstars. It might just become the treat you gift your co-workers in the future (hint, hint)!


Elderberry contains naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamin C. It also contains phenolic compounds, such as flavonoids. These are believed to be antiviral. While the claim that it may help fight the common cold and slightly improve flu symptoms is unsubstantiated, elderberry has been an essential immune boosting ally in my house. (Baylor Scott & White Health)

You can find elderberry syrup at most health food stores, but I like to make my own. It’s super easy and will save you big $$$. This is my go-to recipe from Wellness Mama.

Need more healthy ideas on how to use these foods? Check out this post to build your own superfood bowl.