JPAS Mindful Moments
As we kick off a new Fall 2019 season, I am reminded about what is most important here for our JPAS programming. It is the overall experience and community we create for and with our students. Our goal is for each student at the completion of one of our classes to leave us with a newfound confidence and to walk away with wings on their back so they can rise to their personal greatness. And therefore, one of the important pillars of our program, in addition to providing a top-notch performing arts curriculum is implementing mindfulness.

Instilling a small yet consistent mindfulness practice in our youth is a strong component of building one’s emotional intelligence, a key strategy in managing everyday life. Teaching children how to regulate their emotions can reduce stress and anxiety and help children get “into the zone” – this results in a huge payoff.

We lead each JPAS class with short, guided meditation. This also helps us build a strong sense of community built on positive affirmations, gratitude, setting intentions and accountability to ourselves and others.

Interested in Building a Mindfulness Practice at Home? Try this!
In the upcoming weeks, I will share some useful tips that can lead to a happier and calmer home, and a healthier mindset for both you and your awesome JPAS star. Starting a mindfulness practice as a family doesn’t have to be hard. Implementing just a few easy practices can make a big difference for everyone.

Today’s Tip #1: Start a Morning Gratitude Routine or Evening Routine
Expressing gratitude has been shown to improve self-esteem, increase productivity, and even make us more likable! Together as a family, take turns sharing three things you are grateful for that day. This quick routine can take place first thing when everyone wakes up, at the breakfast table, or even on your way to dropping the kids off at school.

Expressing gratitude in the morning sets us up for a happier day. When children have a positive attitude, they can enjoy school more. And enjoying school is a key to your children’s learning and growth.

If mornings are challenging or difficult, implement an evening gratitude routine instead. After a long day, when lots of various experiences at school or during after-school activities have occurred, our emotions can be stirred. Ending the day, no matter what transpired, with gratitude will lead to a more peaceful sleep and a reminder that while the day may not have been perfect, ending with gratitude can help put things in perspective.

I look forward to hearing how your mindful journeys are going. Please do share any stories or positive changes you may see!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We’d love to see you in one of our programs very soon!

Shine Bright,

Alise Robinson
Director of J Performing Arts