How to Heart Your Heart

There is a ton of great information out there about taking care of your heart. The American Heart Association has some impressive tools for an all-encompassing look at healthy living. But, in case you don’t have a couple of hours to read, let’s get simple and talk about your Wellth.

Listen To Your Heart

When it comes to eating healthy for your heart, you know more than you may give yourself credit for. While some of our other posts get into the nitty-gritty of what to eat, it’s as simple as listening to that little voice inside your heart ♥.

  • Deciding between veggies or fries as your side at a restaurant? Go veggies!
  • Should you have seconds for dessert? A taste of that chocolate cake is probably good for now.
  • White or brown rice? White or wheat bread? Fried or grilled fish? I know you’ve got this!

What Makes You Tick?

People often ask me how I have the energy to work out with a seven-month-old at home – and that’s a great question. Working full-time and being a mom can sometimes be a beating (see what I did there?) So, I always tell anyone who asks, it’s because I found my workout soul-mate. Zumba!

When you find an exercise you love it doesn’t really seem like a task. It can actually be something you ENJOY. So don’t be afraid to try out some different things even if it’s outside your comfort zone. You may just find a workout you can’t live without.

Heart Yourself

Your heart needs you to take some time for you. 30 minutes a day just for you. Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. I don’t even have 30 minutes of free time a day, let alone time to dedicate to me. So, it can be as easy as 1 minute per day (a couple of times per day). Instead of getting on Facebook, take a minute to check-in with yourself. Have a conversation with yourself (you already know you are good company) and ask yourself, self…

  • “How am I feeling today?”
  • “What has made me happy today?”
  • “What do I feel stressed about today?”
  • “Have I taken a second today to just breathe?”

You would be surprised how much one minute will do.

Happy Hearting everyone!