Why You Should Fall Forward and Not Back This Daylight Savings Time

At 2 am on Sunday, November 5 we will all be silently rejoicing in our sleep from the extra hour of sleep that the end of daylight savings time brings us. “Fall back” also brings an earlier sunset, cooler weather (for some), and pumpkin spice everything (for all).

But, while the clocks will go back in a few weeks, it doesn’t mean your wellness has to go too. The changing season may be welcomed by some and bring obstacles for others. Whichever category you fall in, I urge you to set your intentions forward and embrace the change.

Here are 4 ways you can fall forward this fall:

fail forward
I see a lot of the “all-or-nothing” mentality in my wellness coaching sessions. For example, “I ate clean the whole day but then I had 3 cupcakes and a pumpkin spice latte, so my goals are ruined and I might as well give up…#nutritionfail”. Or, “I was so stressed today and lost it and yelled at my kids…#failingatparenting”. Therefore, I must have failed, right?

Now hold it right there! Don’t be afraid of a word like “failure”. After all, we can’t succeed without failing, and failure doesn’t cancel out accomplishments. Instead, give yourself permission to fail forward.

Okay, so you ate 3 cupcakes and a PSL and you also ate clean the rest of the day. How about you listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel after eating that. As long as you’ve moved and feel good about your decisions of the day, let the guilt go.

And are you really failing at parenting? Come on, you are an amazing parent! Think about the parenting wins you have had today. Accept the fact that you encountered some setbacks and move on. Feel free to fail and see how freeing it can actually be.

fear forward
For me personally, growth and change have come from the times I’ve felt scared or uncomfortable. For example, that mountain I was terrified of climbing the entire time I was climbing it…until I got to the once-in-a-lifetime view at the top. Or, that job I was nervous to apply for…which is now my passion and purpose.

Mantra it up and “face that fear” and “challenge yourself everyday”.

Now I’m not telling you to go out there and be a daredevil, but if something is outside your comfort zone go toward it instead of away.

Try the new recipe. Strike up a conversation with someone new. Take the class you haven’t had the confidence to try. Apply for the job. Fear forward!

fitness forward
You know that fall and winter come every year, right? The matching weather also comes, depending on what part of the country you live in. So why are you surprised each year when your fitness goals get derailed because of the cold, snow, weird winter heat (Texas), or tons of family time?

Start thinking ahead and make a plan for the changing seasons. Here are some to get you started:

  • Get your hands on a body-weight workout routine that you can easily do at home if stuck indoors.
  • Have an accountability partner that will help motivate you to get out of your warm bed and get moving!
  • Try a new fitness class to shake things up.
  • Turn a family gathering into an exercise gathering by going on a brisk walk together before or after a holiday meal.

face forward
Take a moment and SMILE! For no reason right now, wherever you are, SMILE.

Do you feel the difference in your mood?

I know there are tons of studies out there that talk about the benefits of smiling and endorphins and all of that. But, the experiment you just did is proof that smiling can help you feel better. So if fall weather tends to bring you down, get ahead of it and put your best face forward.

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