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Early Childhood Programming

JNurture programs are crafted for parents and children age 0-5 to engage in playful and educational activities together. From interactive story sessions for infants to art sessions for preschoolers, we offer informational talks and courses that cover developmental milestones.

Our aim is to strengthen the bond between parents/caregivers and children in a warm and supportive social setting. You’re never to old to be nurtured.

Summer 2024 programming information is coming soon. Find current events and pricing in the Events section below. For more information, contact Emmaline Rosenthal at erosenthal@jccdallas.org

These programs are all designed for you AND your child to play and learn alongside each other. Whether infant storytime, preschool process art, informational sessions, or developmental milestone courses, our goal is to deepen the connection between caregiver and child.

Programs include:

  • Playgroups
  • Music & Movement
  • Art & Sensory
  • Tinkergarten
  • Babies & Bagels
  • Parent-Tot Swim
  • Bookmarks Storytime
  • Popup Playdates
  • Parent Education
  • Baby & Me Fitness Classes
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Childbirth Education


Looking for more?
Are you interested in something that is not currently being offered? Feel free to contact Emmaline Rosenthal at erosenthal@jccdallas.org

Upcoming Events:

Pregnancy Support

Currently pregnant? Trying to conceive? Seeking support for whatever place you’re at in this journey? We are eager to create programming to support you.

Programs include:

  • Pregnant Person Happy Hour

Parent Education

This class is designed especially for parents and caregivers to connect while their children explore and learn. We will offer open-ended provocations for the babies that invite play and entice exploration. While the children play and explore, you’ll have a chance to connect with other caregivers who are in a similar stage of life. The playgroup facilitators will guide casual conversations, answer questions, and help to foster a positive and supportive environment for you and your child. The direction of the group is determined by those who participate; the facilitators will plan provocations and activities in response to the babies, and will prompt discussions in response to parent and caregiver interests.

Upcoming Events: