Wizard of Oz – Week 3
a note from alise

Voice, Heart, and Soul!

Our performers are working hard – way to go! It is so incredible to see how unified each cast has become in such a short amount of time and to watch the friendships and camaraderie build upon doing something they love. Each of you would be super proud to know that all our actors are stretching their comfort zone and putting themselves out there by embracing all of the theatrical direction they have been given. It’s amazing; they are amazing.

Please continue to encourage performers to be “off-book” (both lines and songs ) and to practice their choreography at home (directors have asked them to be). I’ve received such wonderful messages from parents that actors are coming home excited and inspired, and we are thrilled…thank you for sharing!

This week we will be diving deeper into blocking, choreography, and character-development, working to find our characters’ voice, heart, and soul! Putting on a main-stage production is hard work. It requires 100% dedication. Rehearsing for four hours takes focus, refocus, and then some more focus – they’re doing great! Our amazing artistic staff is also hard at work, ensuring everyone is giving it their all, yet having fun!

Mindful Meditation

This week we focused on looking for the power within ourselves. In addition to our mediation, as this being our centering thought, our casts discussed the power within themselves and also acknowledged and appreciated the power and skills within their fellow cast and crew members.

We Found One of Our Totos

Introducing Monkey; he is so excited! Does anyone out there have another “Toto” you want to be a star? Let me know.
Must be under 10 pounds and well trained.

Electronic Resource Library

Get the latest and greatest on music and choreography learned from past rehearsals. Happy practicing.

Emerald City Cast

  • Finished blocking Act I and then some. WOW! Officially halfway through blocking the entire show!
  • All cast members should be off-book for scenes 1 – 9 by next rehearsal.
  • Learned a bunch of songs – check the educational resource library.
  • Discussed their character sheets and why it is important that we do them and to think more deeply about the characters we are playing. Next week we will be pulling some actors aside to go more in-depth for character work.
  • Learned a bunch of songs – check the educational resource library.
  • Finished learning the Jitterbug dance and started working on Munchkinland. Now the actors must practice, practice, practice to make it look fantastic.

Ruby Slippers Cast

  • Blocked pages 5 – 28! What a great focused and fun day.
  • If it’s been blocked, our actors should be off-book.
  • Learned a bunch of songs too! Check the educational resource library.
  • Finished learning the Jitterbug dance and started working on Munchkinland. Now the actors must practice, practice, practice to make it look fantastic.

Rehearsal – Sunday, February 17

  • Everyone should arrive promptly at 1:30 pm.
  • Emerald City Cast will meet in Zale Auditorium.
  • Ruby Slippers Cast will meet in Senior Assembly Room
  • Pick-up will be at 5:30 pm in the lobby.
  • Please remind our performers to bring their scripts, folder, character development sheet pencil, and a highlighter.
  • Please pack a healthy snack and a water bottle.
  • Wear clothes you can easily move in with sneakers or bring your jazz/dance shoes.

Important Dates & Reminders

  • BIOS ARE DUE TODAY. If I do not receive your actor’s bio they will not be included in the playbill.
    • Click here to look at a sample format/instructions on how to send in your actor’s bio.
  • PLAYBILL ADS ARE DUE TODAY. Think of our playbill as our annual fundraiser and your actor will get a memory of a lifetime.
    • Click here to see a sample format/instructions on how to send in your playbill.

Let Your Inner Marketer Shine – Marketing Materials Are Ready!

At the rounder on Sunday, by the front desk, I will have some marketing materials available if you would like to help spread the word – yard signs (limited amount) and flyers (hang at school, temple, local coffee shops, libraries…you name it). If you want to begin spreading the word via social media, rock on! We would love that too. I will be sending out the digital marketing kit in a separate email soon.

Mark Your Calendars

  • Sunday, March 3: 12 – 2 pm. Toto-themed adoption day with the Humane Society of Dallas
    • “Find our Toto”-themed Adoption Day: We are partnering with the Humane Society of Dallas County to find another Toto to star in our show by hosting an adoption day event at the J. Come see furry friends that need homes and maybe you end up with a new family member to call your own.
    • In addition to the adoption event, we will be collecting donations for items needed by the Humane Society. Look for bins around the J to drop off canned dog and cat food, dried dog and cat food, cat toys, dog treats (medium to large), bleach, liquid laundry soap, dish soap, and Clorox wipes.
  • Thursday, March 21: 5 pm. Wizard of Oz Movie Night & Dinner
    • Come sing along and watch this iconic movie as we get ourselves excited and geared up for our live performances. It’s a great night to share with friends and/or family.
    • $5 per person. Click here for details and to RSVP.

Purchase Your Tickets  – Buy Early and Save!

Please spread the word about WIZARD OF OZ to friends and family.

Reminder About Healthy Snacks

Please continue to do your best to provide healthy snacks, low in sugar. Healthy, low-sugar snacks help to keep our performers engaged, focused, and on task. Actors will not be allowed to use the vending machines.

What’s the Best Camp At the J?

Ask someone who has attended our performing arts camps and they will tell you! Camp StarQuest and Camp StarPower Rock! Want to learn more…call or email me (arobinson@jccdallas.org). I would love to tell you all about it. Please register today to save your spot. Seriously!

Click here to learn more about JPAS Camps, StarQuest, and StarPower.

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Looking forward seeing everyone this Sunday!
Please don’t forget to grab your marketing materials at the rounder in the front lobby at 1:30 pm.

Shine Bright,

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