Virtual Senior Expo

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February 2021

February 1 Bewitching Broadway [Virtual]: Act I: Broadway’s Beginnings
February 1-3
Film Festival [Virtual]: Incitement
February 3 – Music & Morsels [Virtual]: The Romance of the Piano & Violin
February 3 
Wake Up & Get Wellthy: 10 am on Instagram (@JCCDallas)
February 3, 10, 17 & 24
Cocktails & Cabalettas [Virtual]: Operatic Happy Hours
February 4, 11, 18 & 25
Exploring Opera [Virtual]: The Divas
February 7
Bookfest [Virtual]: Philippe Sands
February 8
Bewitching Broadway [Virtual]: Act II: The Schuberts & Beyond
February 8-10
Virtual Film Festival [Virtual]: Mrs. G
February 12
Songs 0f the Moon [Virtual]: A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of the Lunar New Year
February 14
Songs of Love [Virtual]: A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of Valentine’s Day
February 15 –
Club J Your Way: School Holiday (President’s Day)
February 15
Bewitching Broadway [Virtual]: Act III: “Hamilton”: The Real NYC Sites
February 16
Bookfest [Virtual]: Ruth Behar
February 21
Still Traveling [Virtual]: Gouda The Town & The Tradition
February 22
Bewitching Broadway [Virtual]: Act III: Hippies, Discos & Dogs, Oh My!
February 22-28
Virtual Film Festival [Virtual]: Six Minutes to Midnight
February 24
Bookfest [Virtual]: Bill Gates
February 25
Songs of Victory and Triumph [Virtual]: A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of Purim
February 28
Teen Mitzvah Corps: See Details


March 1-3 Film Festival [Virtual]: Douze Points
March 7
Bookfest [Virtual]: Mark Gerson
March 15-19
Club J Your Way: School Holiday (Spring Break)
March 21-26 Fitness/Wellness: Wellth Week


April 2Club J Your Way: Student Holiday


June 7-25J Summer Camp: Session I
June 28-July 16
J Summer Camp: Session II


July 19-August 6 J Summer Camp: Session III