Jessica Ogunnorin is an ardent fitness enthusiast and post-injury strengthening/rehabilitation expert. Born and raised in Greece by Nigerian parents, she incorporates knowledge and fitness strategies of various cultures. As a former NCAA Division I and professional basketball athlete, she has been exposed to numerous wellness and body re-composition techniques. From CrossFit, to Olympic-Style or Sports Specific training, Jessica brings over 8-years of personal training to others and herself. In addition to resistance, endurance, and functional training, Jessica conducts ongoing research on Nutrition-Based habits and Emotional Intelligence. She holds a BA in Multidisciplinary Studies (SPN, FRN, POL SC) and a MA in Public Policy Analysis from Stony Brook University in New York, and a MS in Computer Information Systems Security and a MA in Sports Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia. From weight loss, nutritional guidance, effective recovery techniques, muscle building and sport-specific training, Jessica is dedicated to transforming individuals mentally and physically to the best version of themselves.
Her Motto: “It’s not about what you cannot do, but about what you can still do.”