a note from alise

Dear Parents,

It was great seeing everyone on Sunday either at carpool or on the zoom call. Thank you to everyone who attended the parent meeting. Your positive energy was received and greatly appreciated. Shout out to everyone for their understanding and patience at drop-off and pick-up.  This is a new COVID-19 procedure and we are doing our best to make it fast and efficient. Each of you can help by having your health screening form complete and ready to show a staff member upon arrival. I recommend turning down the heat in the car once you are on campus. This will help ensure we receive a current temperature reading. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

First Rehearsal

The energy was high and the excitement in the air from our actors was fantastic. The first rehearsal was centered around “breaking the ice” with our fellow actors and diving into our theater process.

Each cast started off the day with a meditation, which calms our nerves and reinforces our confidence. We rotated through four awesome workshops designed to set the foundation of our theater learning while giving us time to bond with our production team and cast mates.  The workshops included: a read through of the script, stage/rehearsal etiquette, character development, and dance. We concluded the day with an appreciation circle, sharing our gratitude. Oh, what a busy, fun, and exciting day we had.

Jungle Book

• Ms. Linda, our director, assigned the roles to each actor and the actors had the opportunity to do a read through and sing through with Ms. Linda and Mr. Adam.
• Since most of the actors are playing animals, Ms. Liz and Ms. Skylar taught them the importance of movement in embodying their characters. We explored.
actors can move like monkeys, elephants and panthers.
• Ms. Skylar taught choreography to “I wanna be like you.”
Actors were reminded to not count their lines but to make their lines count. Every person in the show is important and every line helps move the story forward.
Ms. Osi reviewed proper rehearsal etiquette, including the importance of listening while others are speaking and coming prepared for each rehearsal.

Into the Woods

• Ms. Linda, our director, assigned the roles to each actor and the actors had the opportunity to do a read through and sing through with Ms. Linda and Mr. Adam.
Ms. Liz taught the actors about the importance of developing and learning how to embody their characters.
Ms. Skylar built on the lessons learned in character work. She helped actors identify their characters’ wants and how those characters interact with each other.
Ms. Skylar also added character-specific movements “Opening 9.”
Ms. Osi covered the importance of rehearsal etiquette. She reminded them of the importance of paying attention and taking notes so that they can practice at home.
The actors learned that being nervous is okay. We normalized and validated this feeling. We explored how to channel those nerves into hard work and determination. 

Appreciation Circle – JPAS Magic Sauce

At JPAS we conclude each rehearsal with an appreciation circle expressing our gratitude. Gratitude is an emotion that grounds us and helps us feel connected to our ourselves and each other. When we express gratitude our brain releases serotonin and dopamine, two hormones that make us feel lighter and happier.

Electronic Resource Library

Practice at home and use our ERL (Electronic Resource Library) with music and choreography that we will learn each week. Choreography learned on Sunday is up already.  The ERL link also has all the sing-a-long and performance tracks as well. Please encourage your actors to listen to the music and read through their script. The more they absorb at home, the more productive our rehearsals can be.

Rehearsal – Sunday, January 17

• Drop off is 1:10 – 1:25 pm.
• There will not be anyone outside after 1:25 pm and the front doors will be locked.
• Rehearsals will begin promptly at 1:30 pm.
• Please email me if you have any issues or unforeseen delays.
Pick-up will be at 5:30 pm.
Please remind our performers to bring their scripts, folder, pencil, and a highlighter.
Please pack a healthy snack and a water bottle.
Your actor should wear clothes they can easily move in. We suggest sneakers or bring their jazz/dance shoes.

Important Dates & Reminders

Sunday, January 24 Head-shots will be taken. Please make sure your actor is camera-ready!
Wednesday, January 27 – actor bios are due. I will send reminders, but at the end-of-day, on January 27 if we have not received your actor’s bio, they will not be included in the playbill. Click here to look at a sample format/instructions on how to send in your actor’s bio.
Wednesday, January 27 – actor Playbill Ad/Messages are due. Think of our playbill as our annual fundraiser. All proceeds help fund JPAS throughout the year, allowing us to be one of the preeminent youth performing arts programs in North Texas.  This year’s playbill will be an online version sent out to our community, displayed prominently on our production web page for 2 months. Sponsors will also be recognized in promotional emails to our community.  Even better, your actor will get a memory of a lifetime. The playbill is a great way for you or a relative to send a note of support, or utilize this opportunity if you own a small business. Placing an ad in our playbill is a strategic way to reach the community. Click here to purchase your playbill ad and learn more.
• I encourage you to please take care of both the bio and playbill ad now. Knock it off your to-do list and feel like a rock star.

Healthy Snacks

Please do your best to provide healthy snacks, low in sugar. Healthy, low-sugar snacks help to keep our performers engaged, focused, and on task. We will not be using the vending machines. Again, please pack a water bottle too with their name on it!

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Countdown to Camp has begun!

JPAS theater camps are fantastic! Remember our performing arts camps have limited space. We want to see you this summer, so please register to to save your spot!

Click here for to learn more about JPAS Camps: StarQuest and StarPower
• Online registration for members opens Sunday, January 24 at 7:00 am
• Camp friends (non-members) registration opens Sunday, February 7.

And, I want to close by saying thank you! We appreciate you being a part of our JPAS family. I left our meeting on Sunday feeling energized to raise our bar even further.

Shine Bright,

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