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Promise at Dawn

Sep, 10, 2019 - Sep, 10, 2019
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Promise at Dawn

2017 / 131 minutes
French, Polish, Spanish, English, with English subtitles
Directed by Eric Barbier

Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

Promise at Dawn is the sweeping adaptation of novelist Romain Gary’s memoir, dedicated to his vivacious single mother, Nina. From their early days in poverty in Poland, Nina installed in Romain her ferocious belief that one day he would be a famous writer, famous diplomat, and a ladies’ man to boot. Throughout his life, Romain strove to live up to her expectations, even though she had the habit of popping up at the least welcome moments in his life. In the stunning conclusion to the movie, he finally realizes the depth of her love and sacrifice.

Sparkling with meticulous cinematography and production design, this memoir runs the gamut from teary melodrama to bawdy farce to adventure, but is ultimately a loving tribute to an extraordinary Jewish mother.

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