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Astonishing Amsterdam

Many visitors have left Amsterdam with memories of tourist crowds, marijuana smoke-filled “coffee” shops & visions of the red-light district. However, “the Venice of the North” is replete with rich history, incredible art, stunning architecture, and more at every turn. Join Trip Leader James Sokol and our terrifically knowledgeable guide Tricia to discover interesting, beautiful and diverse aspects of this astonishing city.

Join us for the full series or for single visits – whatever works best for you!


Dam Square & Royal Palace November 23, 2020 at 1:00 pm CT

Let us Zoom to Amsterdam to meet our guide Tricia on Dam Square, Holland’s most famous square and site of the start of the city’s history in the 13th century. After “strolling” the Square, enter the Royal Palace. Its majestic interior illustrates the wealth & power of 17th century Amsterdam. At the time, it was the largest non-religious building in the world and referred to as “the 8th wonder of the world.” Today, the Palace still embodies Dutch tradition & culture, especially during national commemorations. The King & Queen entertain high officials in the richly decorated rooms. And on their wedding day, they exchanged “the kiss” on the balcony in front of a cheering crowd.