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Chewdaism: A Taste of Montreal

Sep, 26, 2019 - Sep, 26, 2019
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Chewdaism: A Taste of Montreal

2018 / 61 minutes
English, Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion

Closing night
Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

Montrealers Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion entertain us with a funny, heimish, and enlightening historical and cultural tour of Jewish metro-Montreal centered around its legendary foods. The two friends gorge themselves in choice Jewish eateries as they highlight their native city’s Jewish story in insightful witty conversations with historians, restaurant owners, and other lanzmen. Never has Jewish history tasted so good!

Preceded by two hilarious shorts taken from the popular “Yidlife Crisis” series.

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