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Sep, 15, 2019 - Sep, 15, 2019
04:00 pm - 07:45 pm


Drama Mini-Series
2018 / 208 minutes
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Yohonatan Indursky

Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

This dystopian mini-series is set in an alternate reality of present day Israel. The nation is torn and divided by a wall into the secular state of Israel with Tel Aviv as its capital, and the Haredi autonomy run by the ultra-religious with Jerusalem as its capital. Living in the autonomy is Broide, an ultra-orthodox wheeler dealer who makes his living smuggling non-kosher books and pornographic DVDs into the autonomy. One day Broide receives a life-changing job offer. He is asked to kidnap a little girl at the heart of a custody battle between an ultra-orthodox and secular couple, and smuggle her across the border and into the Haredi section. Thus, an astonishing set of events is set in motion and as the series goes from cliffhanger to cliffhanger, it is not easy to predict how it will all end.

Note: There will be an intermission after

Join us as we binge on all 5 episodes of a mini-series that took Israel by storm. Starring some of Israel’s top acting talent, Autonomies is a globally-relevant tale centering on the issues of identity, religion, and political freedom that define our lives.