New Mom Squad

New Mom Squad is the latest addition to our J Baby Family.

Our New Mom Squad is a J Baby Action Group developed for new moms who want to connect, be part of a community, and be comforted by others who are in the throws of new parenthood.

The New Mom Squad is a social, emotional, action-oriented play group for those who are in the throws of new parenthood. It provides an outlet to socialize, relate, and feel comforted by others who are going through the same thing as you. These groups are meant to alleviate loneliness, reduce stress, and provide great amounts of comfort. The J staff will act as connectors and this group will provide the connecting. The cranky, sleep-deprived, and overwhelmed are ALL welcome. #havenocluewhatiamdoing #realparenting #newmomsquad #thenewnormal

Community, Connection, Comfort
Discover #NewNormal TOGETHER

Every New Mom Squad will have the opportunity to meetup weekly and connect 24/7 through @jnewmomsquad Facebook group.

I’m Ready to Join


If you have had a baby or about to have one after or before these dates, join our Facebook group and become part of our Squad today!

  • Spring: March – May 2019
  • Summer: June – August 2019
  • Fall: September – November 2019
  • Winter: December 2019 – February 2020

As part of expanding the J Baby brand and social footprint, creating parent groups is the next step in providing a nurturing environment for new parents.  J Baby is the social and educational destination for all NMS members to attend bi-monthly.