The first week of camp has been an exciting time here at the pool! Despite the weather earlier in the week, our little swimmers completed their swim evaluations on Wednesday and Thursday to determine their levels in our program. They will be placed into their assigned swim groups and begin the lessons on Monday.

The swim lessons for camp are provided by the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, the J’s year-round learn-to-swim program which teaches over 650 students weekly. The Swim Right® Curriculum is an 8-level progressive program that allows students to build upon skills from the previous level. Our primary focus is on water safety, teaching children how to save themselves in the event of a water emergency. As they progress through the program, we work on proper technique for all four swim strokes; Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.

We take great care in training our camp swim instructors starting with their initial week-long training. Our year-round staff, including Assistant Aquatics Director Colin Campbell and Head Instructor Ty Huff, oversee and maintain the quality of the program for camp. The evaluation skill sheets provide each instructor with a uniform guide on how to assess each swimmers comfort and ability in the water.

Please know we recognize that children do not always show us their full abilities on testing day for a variety of reasons. The most common are unfamiliarity with our curriculum, lack of prior exposure to the pool environment and becoming comfortable with new surroundings and teachers.

This may lead to the initial evaluation being skewed lower than their actual ability so as you review your child’s evaluated level please keep that in mind. If you feel your child is not in an appropriate level based on your observations of their swimming abilities, or if you have any questions about the levels in our curriculum, please reach out to me at sneckar@jccdallas.org and we will reassess on the next swim day.

Please click on the buttons below corresponding to your child’s camp group below to find their swim evaluation.

We look forward to week 2 of Session 1!

Thank you,

Sam Neckar
Aquatics Director