kid in poolThings at camp are going along swimmingly! One of the proudest moments for me is seeing our campers put their new skills to work in the pool during free swim! Seeing the jump in confidence is very encouraging and lets us know we are doing our job. I have heard from several parents telling me that they notice this when practicing at home or elsewhere with their children. Beyond safety, we are seeing definite improvement in swim strokes. Our success in this area comes from breaking down each stroke into skills and drills that progress into the next. Taking the time to learn how to work each side of the body, each arm stroke, and strengthening both sides really pays off in the end.

More often than not children are taught incorrect body positioning and this is one of the many factors that make it difficult for children to learn how to swim. When I am asked, “what can I do at home?” I respond with this advice: tell your child that swimming a correct Freestyle stroke means face in, eyes down. Start off with three strokes, then a breath to the side without picking up the head, making sure kicks are consistent and steady. Keeping the face in the water until the breath to the side will maintain a horizontal body position versus a vertical one preventing bad habits or injury.

With the Olympics around the corner it is a great time to identify those with the ability and passion to take swimming to the next level. If your child is in level 5 (Freestylers) or above and they have a definite interest, then I encourage you to keep them swimming in one of our stroke advance classes year-round. You never know, your child could go for Gold one day!