Camp Parents,

swim kidsWeek 2 was an exciting week for our camp swimmers! On Monday, all students who were evaluated from week one came down swim ready, cap and all! Classes began promptly with our first group at 9:30 am with everyone filed into their swim groups. As you may know by now we group students by ability after the first week of testing in our Swim Right® seven-level curriculum. We also have swim caps corresponding with the color of each swim level. This not only helps with organization but keeps our less experienced swimmers in the shallower areas of the pool.

I was happy to hear from a few parents last week regarding their child(ren)’s swim level and assist with anyone who needed to be re-evaluated. Last week our swimmers in levels 1 – 3 began work on back floats, roll-overs and taking a breath while on their back. Levels 4 – 5 began work on beginner freestyle and backstroke and levels 6 – 7 reviewed free and back while beginning work on breaststroke and butterfly.

We will continue to build upon these skills this week and testing will begin tomorrow, Tuesday June 28 for some camp groups. During testing we will be evaluating each student to see what they have learned so far and what they have already mastered. If a child has completed all of the skills necessary by the time testing has concluded this week they will receive a certificate in addition to their swim report that will be mailed home. I will also have an updated database of all of the campers and their levels with notations on graduations that will be e-mailed in the next swim news.

If your child is continuing on in Camp Chai or Simchah for session 2 or 3 they will either continue work in their current level or graduate onto the next at the start of the next session.

Daniel Taylor
Director of Aquatics & Health Services