Camp Parents,

We are excited to let you know that we have concluded camp swim lesson evaluations and are ready to begin lessons starting on Monday! We have included for the first time our database of each camper’s swim level which is broken down by Camp Unit for Chai.

I am available via e-mail at if you have questions or concerns about your child’s evaluated level. Please understand that we do fresh evaluations each summer to see where a child is at the current moment with their skills. Sometimes this means that a child is ahead of where they were last year and sometimes that means they need a bit of work to catch up. Keep in mind that with all skills, swimming especially requires constant practice to maintain ability. All students who have recently been enrolled into the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy have been pre-sorted into their LKSA level.

Please see the curriculum breakdown below:

  • Level 1: Splashers (Yellow) – Beginner level, we work on Comfort and assisted back float, kicking and launching.
  • Level 2: Floaters (Orange) – This level works on independent kicking, launching, floating and rolling as well as our patented “Unsinkable Back Float”.
  • Level 3: Kickers (Green) – This level puts the independent skills from Floaters together in our Kick-Float-Kick technique, we also work on streamline position and deep water confidence.
  • Level 4: Streamliners (White) – This level introduces arm strokes for Freestyle and Backstroke. Diving is introduced.
  • Level 5: Freestylers (Red) – This level teaches full freestyle and backstroke and introduces Dolphin Kick and Breaststroke Kick. Diving is mastered.
  • Level 6: Gliders (Purple) – This level teaches full Breaststroke and continues to work on Free and Back strokes. Starts and turns are introduced.
  • Level 7: Flyers (Blue) – This level completes stroke refinement on all four major strokes and a child who completes this level is certified Water Safe and Competition Ready.

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