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Going with the Flow and Teamwork

As an actor you are constantly in motion…. whether it’s taking direction, moving to a specific spot on stage, saying your lines, or singing.  We are so proud of our camper’s ability to flow with this summer. Teamwork has been essential and the bond each group has made is the cornerstone of their ability to rise and work together!

Here’s the Inside Scoop

The third week of camp is a complete “get grounded” week! Our campers worked on growing their characters while memorizing their lines, blocking, and overall direction. To complete their hard work, tons of fun was enjoyed through our Camper/Counselor Day, Pajama Day, Counselor and Camper talent show, and let’s not forget the tie dye extravaganza we had.

Specialty Activities

  • Improv, Improv and more improv!
  • Worked on our talent show group performances.
  • Practiced our original songs from our song writing workshop and writers group began to create a video!
  • Practiced our choreography.


Blocking, blocking, blocking. In preparation for next week’s performance, this is when the campers are off-book and they can really begin flowing through the show. All three shows are staged and blocking is complete! We began our stumble through for each of the final performances. We worked on building confidence and connecting with others. We discussed…. “what you see (the actor) is what we see” ahh… imagination!

Conversation Starter

Ask your children about our compliment wall, and if they have given anyone a compliment. Which counselor’s performance did they enjoy the most during our Counselor Talent Show Contest? Ask them about Camper Counselor Day. Ask them about our mindful moments. And ask them to wear their tie dyed t-shirts on Monday.

Final Performances

Wednesday July 22! We will be taking a video of each show and sending you a link so that you too can see all their amazing work come to life!

Tech Schedule

  • Monday, July 20 (all day)
  • Tuesday, July 21 (all day)
  • Wednesday, July 22 (Final Performance)

Tech rehearsals are mandatory rehearsals for the entire cast.

Appreciation Circle

Like all Fridays at Camp StarQuest, we ended our day, today, with our traditional Friday appreciation circle. It’s amazing to see the bonds formed and the loving, fun Camp StarQuest community we created. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend the last few weeks with your awesome children. We are grateful and I speak for all of our fantastic StarQuest staff, we don’t want it to end! We have one more week left and we are beyond excited to make it A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Your children are shining brightly each and every day! Can’t wait for the adventure of week 4!

This is How We Do It at Camp StarQuest

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Can’t wait to see what happens next week at Camp StarQuest!

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