Hello Camp Simchah Parent,

LKSAWe are excited to deliver to your child’s session one camp swim lesson report. These reports will contain a list of skills in the level they were evaluated in and will also notify you if they have graduated said level. Evaluations were done during the first week of camp and testing was done during week three. If the evaluated level or the report do not correspond with your child’s abilities, then please reach out to me and we will have them reassessed if they are remaining in camp with us for session two or three.

This is the first year we are doing online swim reporting so we are excited to be able to offer that to you. The reports are simplistic for camp, but if you would like more information on how your child is doing, please reach out to me and I will have an instructor follow up with a detailed report.

A reminder that the camp lessons follow the swim curriculum of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, our year-round swim school here at the J. The Swim Right® Method is an eight-level learn-to-swim program that emphasizes water safety. This methodology is somewhat unique to the world of swim lessons, and therefore differs from independent swim instructors or other swim schools. If you have questions or are interested in year-round lessons, please reach out to me at any time at dtaylor@jccdallas.org.

Instructions to access swim reports via SwimGen.net:

  1. Click on either button below to view your child’s Simchah unit by age (3s or 4s)
    3s Simchah4s Simchah
  2. Find your child’s participant number
  3. Visit swimgen.net/search/jdallaslksa
  4. Enter your child’s corresponding participant number
  5. Click “view report”