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J Dallas Camps 2022
June 7 – August 5

Registration opens January 31 for JCC Members
Registration opens February 7 for Camp friends

Busses are Back!


For over 80 years, Camp Chai has been creating a camp experience filled with everything children want and need. Camp Chai is the perfect place for the camper who wants to do it all. This camp is a place to grow, discover, and make memories for a lifetime.

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 25
  • Session 2: June 28 – July 16
  • Session 3: July 19 – August 6

Our youngest campers get their first view of J Camp through a variety of activities that help them discover their self-identity, new friendships, and amazing experiences all while having a TON of fun!

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 25
  • Session 2: June 28 – July 16
  • Session 3: July 19 – August 6

As we jump, flip and tumble, gymnastics guides girls to reach for their dreams.

For both recreational and competitive gymnasts, our summer program teaches the fundamentals works on building the skill level, and helps grow confidence. With the help of our experienced staff and amazing campers, gymnastics camp provides new experiences and leaves our campers with lasting friendships and memories.

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 25
  • Session 2: June 28 – July 16
  • Session 3: July 19 – August 6

J Sports Camp is perfect for the all-star superhero athlete in your house. Instead of having to pick one sport to focus on, they get to play them all!  Campers are divided into JV (grades 2-3) and Varsity (grades 4-7) camps, which allows campers to work on developing fundamental skills in an age-appropriate competitive and fun environment.

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 25
  • Session 2: June 28 – July 16
  • Session 3: July 19 – August 6

In this four-week Musical Theater & Performing Arts Intensive we teach the fundamentals of theater, music and dance – all in the process of creating a production
of a hit musical. Join us as we fuse a traditional summer camp philosophy with a top-notch performing arts program. Our specialty staff are theater professional superheroes ready to ensure our campers shine from the inside out!

Grab your cape and let the theater magic begin! Did we mention the laughter? Lots of it!

  • Session: June 7 – July 2

In this two-week camp, our focus is to develop our campers’ creative talents and performing arts skills.  We will expose our campers to the art of collaboration and the behind-the-scenes process of developing an original theatrical work of art.

Our specialty staff are theater professional superheroes ready to empower and inspire our campers to dream big!

Grab your cape and let’s make some awesome art! Did we mention the FUN? Lots of it!

  • Session: July 5 – July 16

Up, up and away! Soar through Summer 2021 with adventure near and far. We have two great bus trips planned to Hot Springs, Arkansas and Denver, Colorado. When in town, we will be doing a mix of local trips and activities at the J.

In the event travel is not allowed, we will be staying at the J engaging in all sorts of projects, activities, science experiments art, sports, and much more!

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 25
    • Hot Springs Trek: June 14-18 (If travel is allowed)
  • Session 2: June 28 – July 16
    • Colorado Trek: July 4-9 (If travel is allowed)
  • Session 3: July 19 – August 6

Campers learn that true competitive spirit is within yourself to grow and improve, as well as the fun of competing with others. Whether your camper is focused on improving their skills or it’s their first time stepping on the court, Tennis Camp has something for everyone.

Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience and will help campers develop as a player all while having an unforgettable summer.

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 25
  • Session 2: June 28 – July 16
  • Session 3: July 19 – August 6
Additional info
Extended Care

Extended care is available for an additional costs and is offered in the morning (beginning at 7:45 am) and in the afternoon (until 5:45pm.) This is available for grades K – 6.

  • AM Registration fee: $90 per session
  • PM Registration fee: $150 per session
Bus service

Bus service will be available for campers entering grades K-9 based on Covid-19 guidelines at the time that camp begins. Bus stops are:

  • Frankford/Hillcrest (Dallas
  • Spring Creek / Ohio (Plano)
  • Main Event (Frisco)

Please note: If at the start of camp bus services are not available due to COVID-19 guidelines, registered bus campers will receive a full refund.


J Family membership or an additional Camp Friend fee is required to attend any J Camp. This allows the family to enjoy our fitness facility and outdoor community pool during the week(s) a camper is enrolled.

  • $525 for 6 to 9 weeks per family
  • $280 for 3 to 5 weeks per family

For more details, please contact Ela Bilgin, Membership Director at 214-239-7138 or Ebilgin@jccdallas.org.

Camp Hiring

We are accepting applications for camp staff to work with all ages of children in areas including Camp Chai (Traditional Camp), Camp Simchah (Traditional Camp), Sports Camp, Gymnastics Camp,  Teen Travel Camp, Performing Arts Camp, and life guarding

FAQs Header-Blue

The J has a dedicated COVID-19 Response Team that is continually meeting to evaluate best practices and make sure that our policies and procedures stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving data, information and guidelines released by the CDC and the Dallas County Department of Health.  Sometimes this does result in our COVID-19 policies changing.  In the event that our policies change to better meet the health and safety of our J Community, we will always update you as to the change and when it will go into effect. If you have a question that you don’t see list below please email lseymour@jccdallas.org.

General Camp Questions

Do I need to be a J member to attend camp?

J Camp is for JCC Members. Not a member? Not a problem – join as a camp friend!

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?

Please contact Laura Seymour our Camp Director at lseymour@jccdallas.org

How do I register?

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What do I need to send with my camper?

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How do camp counselors prepare to provide care for campers?

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Who will take care of my campers medical needs?

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What does a typical day at camp look like?

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What if my camper doesn't want to participate in an activity?

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COVID-19 Camp Questions
Subject to change based on CDC and Dallas Department of Health Guidelines

How will you be implementing screening procedures?

Our daily drop-off and pick up procedures have been modified to include protocol screening questions and temperature screening for all staff and campers. Before you come to camp each day, please answer all of the questions on our screening form. There will also be a temperature check procedure each day before camp. Staff will also be completing the screening and temperature check each day.  More details on drop off and carpool can be found further down in the FAQs. These protocols will help to ensure a greater likelihood that those who attend camp each day are healthy. While we know that some who are infected with COVID-19 can be asymptomatic, we also know that those who are symptomatic are more likely to be infected. Therefore, this screening is a means by which we will limit the exposure through known, effective measures.

Will my child be able to receive their medication at camp?

Yes, as we do each year, our summer camp employs clinic staff who is certified to dispense medication. Camp Central will ensure the regular distribution of prescribed medication. We will not administer medication that does, or is intended to, mask a fever in order to bypass the protocol.

If my child has mild asthma will they be able to attend camp?

The CDC has issued guidelines for at-risk individuals. Parents, in consultation with pediatricians, must determine whether or not their child is at-risk as per the CDC Guidelines and make the decision whether it is safe to attend camp this summer.

What happens if my child gets sick at camp?

If your child becomes ill while at camp we have an isolation protocol. They will be cared for by our staff in isolation until you come to pick them up. In instances of illness, parents will be required to pick their child up within 30 minutes of being notified of their illness.

If my child gets sick, what are the requirements for them to return to camp?

Any staff member or child exhibiting the above symptoms may only return to camp when all three of the following criteria are met:  1) at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery(resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications); and 2) the individual has improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and 3) at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared;

OR, in the case of a staff member or child who has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and does not get evaluated by a medical professional or a PCR test for COVID-19, the individual is assumed to have COVID-19, and the individual may not return to work or camp until the individual has completed the same three-step criteria listed above;

OR, if the staff member or child has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to camp before completing the above self-isolation period, the individual must obtain a medical professional’s note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis.

What procedure is in place if a staff member or camper is diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • We will notify and coordinate our response with local health officials
  • We will notify staff, and families immediately of a COVID-19 diagnosis while maintaining confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • We will close off areas used by that person and will not use them again until cleaning and sanitizing has occurred.
  • We will ensure safe and correct application of sanitizers and keep sanitizing products away from children.
  • We will inform those exposed to a person with COVID-19 to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms for 10 days. On the 10th day, if the test result is negative, the camper may return to camp. If the camper doesn’t get tested, then he or she can return to camp after 14 days while following the CDC and health department’s guidance.
  • We will monitor State and local health department notices daily about transmission in the area and adjust operations and this policy accordingly.
  • We have designated a staff person to be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns and have a rapid response team within our JCC to respond quickly to any COVID-19 situations that may arise over the summer.

Will staff be required to wear masks?

All camp staff will be required to wear face covering unless they are eating and drinking or by themselves. This policy is subject to re-evaluation based on new information changing what is considered best practices.

Will my child have to wear a mask at camp?

All school-age campers will need to wear a mask each day, indoors and outdoors, except while eating, drinking and swimming. Camp Simchah campers will be able to remove their mask during eating, drinking, napping, swimming and other strenuous outdoor activities. We know that this a learning process and we will use positive reinforcement and encouragement to teach this skill.

How will children remain hydrated over the summer hot days? Can they use the water fountain?

Please make sure to send your child with a large, refillable water bottle that is clearly labeled with their full name to camp each day.  We will have water filling stations for counselors to refill water bottles for their campers throughout the day.  We will not be using water fountains at camp this summer.

Will my child have to reapply sunscreen by themselves?

Yes, your children will need to reapply their own sunscreen this summer. Please apply sunscreen on your child before arriving at camp.  At camp your child’s counselors will coach them on this process, visually observe them applying sunscreen, and help them to build this important life skill. Won’t it be amazing when they have this skill to use at home?!  Camp Simchah campers can bring spray sunscreen for counselors to reapply.

Should my child bring their own hand sanitizer to camp?

The best prevention for contracting COVID-19 from a hard surface is hand-washing. Your children will wash their hands many, many, times each day. Hand sanitizer will only be used in instances where your child touches something and is unable to wash their hands in a short period of time. Your child’s counselors will have small quantities of hand sanitizer. If you would like for your child to have their own individual bottle, you can send it with them. However, again, our focus will be on frequent hand washing.

Will staff receive additional safety training?

All JCC Camp Staff will be required to attend training sessions specific to COVID-19, our health and safety protocols related to COVID-19, and how to ensure for greater health and safety, prior to their first day of work. It will include the entire CDC Guidelines for Camps.

What other hygiene practices will be implemented this summer?

  1. Counselors will teach and reinforce washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes among children and staff.
  2. Counselors will teach and reinforce use of cloth face coverings among all staff and campers.
  3. Staff and children will be frequently reminded not to touch the face covering and to wash their hands
  4. Information will be provided to all staff and campers on proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings.
  5. We will have adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol (for staff and older children who can safely use hand sanitizer), tissues, and no-touch trash cans.
  6. We have posted signs on how to stop the spread of COVID-19, properly wash hands, promote everyday protective measures, and properly wear a face covering.

What are you doing to prevent someone from bringing COVID-19 into camp?

We recognize, just as does every business and individual, that we will not be able to ensure with 100% certainty that COVID-19 is or is not transmitted within our programs, services, or facilities. We also recognize that there are individuals who are symptomatic and others who are asymptomatic. We also recognize that there are those who are spreading the virus when they are pre-symptomatic. Therefore, we are taking every possible measure to mitigate the spread of the virus including: Staff and Member education, protocol screening, temperature screening, travel restrictions, as well as enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures, limited group sizes, and regularity of counselors and campers assigned to each camp group. These measures all align with CDC and Texas HHS recommendations.

What are your plans to clean and sanitize camp?

All JCC facilities and equipment will be sanitized between use by each group and with great frequency each day to the best of our ability.

Will you be cleaning areas and supplies in between groups?

Yes, spaces and equipment used will be sanitized between each group of campers to the best of our ability.



How will you be cleaning these areas and supplies?

These will be sanitized with a product on the approved list of COVID 19.




What does drop off and pick up look like at camp?

All drop off and pick up will be through carpool and parents will remain in their vehicles as we help children exit. The process will be broken down in the following steps:

  1. At home fill your daily screening form and keep the screen available on your phone
  2. Enter campus through the west entrance lane (the one closest to Northaven Gardens) at the main entrance.
  3. Follow the attached map, and posted signage, to head towards your child’s designated drop off spot.
  4. When you are stopped at a screening point, use your quick read thermometer to take your child’s temperature (please note, we will have backup thermometers, but the process will be much quicker if you have your own that you can keep in the car each morning.
  5. Show the app screen and the temperature read on your thermometer to the staff member at the screening stop (reminder, temperatures must be under 100 degrees Fahrenheit to come to camp). Once your child has passed the screening, the screener will help your child out of the car, and they will be walked to their group in the building.

Please note: The above protocols are from 2020 and may change for our 2021 camp sessions. As things are evolving so will our plans for grouping and traveling.

Can my child arrive late to camp? Can my child be picked up early?

We understand that late arrivals and Early departures from the camp day are occasionally necessary due to doctor’s appointments, etc. This will be possible; however, it will require advance notification to speed the process. Dropping off late or picking up early is time consuming for a number of our staff members, so please make sure this is only done occasionally.  In order to accommodate late arrivals or early pickups, we are having to redirect staff and resources.  Please allot half an hour for this process as to reduce exposure, we will not have children sitting and waiting away from their groups for a period of time this summer.

Can my child carpool with another family?

No. It is important for us to have contact with each child’s household at drop off and pickup at camp this summer.


Will there be walk-up, drop off and pick up?

No, all drop off and pick up will be done through carpool this summer in order to minimize the number of people in the building.  Parents will be asked to stay in the car during this process.  This will help us to mitigate possible means of transmission.  

Will the camp structure look different?

Yes, in order to adhere to the CDC guidelines, we have altered the Camp program as follows:

1. Camper and staff groupings will be as static as possible. The same group of children will remain with the same staff each session, each day, all day, for young children, and as much as possible for older children.
2. We will restrict mixing between groups of Campers.
We have limited gatherings, events, and on-site extracurricular activities to those that can maintain social distancing, support proper hand hygiene, and have restricted attendance to the maximum group size as determined by the current phase of the Texas plan.
4. We have restricted all nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups at the same time. No members will be permitted access of facilities allocated to Camp during Camp hours.
5. When seated for lunch or another activity, Campers will, whenever possible, sit at least six feet apart.
6. Children should bring lunch or take part in the Fino Lunch program.   Campers will eat in their home base.
Campers in Sports Camp, Tennis Camp, Gymnastics Camp and StarQuest will be participating in their specialty activities as well as enjoying other activities with their home base including swim, outdoor time, art, singing, dancing and more.
Camp Chai campers will enjoy all the varied activities with their home base from art to dance to sports in the gym & outside and more.


Will there be swim time?

All of our camp groups will have swim time in their home base groups.  There will be no member access to our outdoor aquatics facilities during these times. The Aquatics Staff are hard at work determining how to best meet your children’s needs for both structured play time, a vital part of every child’s summer; and swimming proficiency, in order to ensure their health and water safety. We recognize the importance of swimming lessons and are working to provide this important program.

Will there still be a lunch program from Fino?

Fino will once again be providing pre-ordered lunches for campers. All health and safety regulations are followed in the food preparation. Individual lunches will be labeled with each child’s name. The lunches will be opened by the child when they receive it from their counselor. Use this link to access the form.


How will groups be created?

In order to guarantee the optimal experience for children enrolled in camp programs at the J, group sizes are limited and size limits will be strictly observed. This summer, Group size maximums will be 12 campers and 2 to 3 counselors. Furthermore, our Camp Leadership will build groups to minimize changes to the group setting (i.e. limiting kids in and out each week.)

As with every summer, Camp administrators will place children in the group that best serves each child’s developmental needs. Staff will use the child’s date of birth, gender, and the number of camp weeks for which the child is registered to determine the most appropriate placement for each child. The final decision will be made by the Camp Administrative Staff. Parents will be notified of group assignments in the days prior to the start of the camping.

Can I request a friend?

Yes, you may still request friend placements for camp.  However, please be aware that while we will do our best to honor those requests, that we will be grouping campers based on factors such as schedule, enrollment periods, etc. to minimize the number of transitions that take place throughout the day.

What will social distancing look like for my child?

J Camp programs have always been built around developmentally appropriate practice. Social distancing is not a developmentally appropriate expectation for most children at camp this summer. While many of the activities that we plan will encourage distance between children, we do know that your camper will be at a distance of less than six feet of another child, neither of whom will be in a mask, at many times this summer. Our camp staff will remind campers frequently to social distance, but we know that it will not always occur. At times when there is a greater likelihood that they will be passing other groups (i.e. while moving around the campus or when changing in a bathroom), we will remind and encourage the children to wear their masks.

Safety Measures


The JCC will continue to stay up-to-date and follow all of the guidelines set by state and local health officials, as well as best practices from other JCCs from around the country to act in accordance with or exceed government recommendations and directives.



Our daily drop-off and pick up procedures includes protocol screening questions and temperature screening for all staff and campers. Please see our FAQs to read more about our screening process.


In an effort to limit exposure and be able to trace contact among participants, we will not allow access of any non-program participants on campgrounds, including parents, families and any guests. 


Campers will wash their hands throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will only be used in instances when they are unable to wash their hands.


Any camper or staff member who registers a fever of 100 degrees or higher or displays symptoms related to COVID-19 will be sent home and asked to follow our isolation protocol.


All JCC Camp Staff will be required to attend training sessions specific to COVID-19 prior to their first day of work.

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