Let’s Stay Engaged, Creative, and Mindful!

JPAS Connect is designed to add structure and creative fun to our JPAS kids’ days. Join us remotely and let’s hang out!

This Fall we will be offering in-person classes and workshops
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Activity Studio

Enjoy our on-demand library of fun performing arts games, classes, and activities. 

Fridays at 12 pm via Facebook Live, beginning Monday, March 30.

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Random Acts

Enjoy these fun activities and please circle back to our Facebook page after engaging and share with us your experience, videos and works of art. Click on a title to expand for more information.

Grab a microphone or a hairbrush, put on your favorite song, and perform it to either your family or your imaginary audience – like Madison Square Garden! One song? Forget that…create a whole musical set! This is your concert.

Choose either a Broadway song or one of your favorites and create your own dance moves to it. Remember to tell the story!

Create a show theme, your own show, decide on a subject to talk about, and introduce your favorite guest!

Write a poem in first person as your favorite musical theater character.

In a short monologue, address the world and tell them what you believe is the most important. How can we:

  1. Maintain peace
  2. Help Each Other
  3. Save the planet
  4. You choose a topic

Write a short song about what’s most important to you! Or write a silly song. Costumes are and dancing are encouraged ♥️.

Choose two stuffed animals in your house and write a short play. Don’t want to use stuffed animals? Create two imaginary characters. You might even be the third character in your play!

If you were [insert Disney Character] (any character or even yourself), what would you say to the world right now about working together to help solve the Corona Virus? Write a monologue, rehearse, and video-record it.

Write your best poem (or rap) teach everyone something or just express yourself ♥️

  • How should we treat each other?
    • Why should we treat each other with kindness ♥️

Go outside, pick a tree, and decorate it! Use yarn, make pictures, use recycle scraps – be creative. This tree will bring you joy and hope. Take pictures and post!

Create your favorite Lion King character, imaginary or any other character you like, in your own way. Put your spin on it! A puppet, a drawing, a sculpture, a mask, a painting, a costume, and make it “come to life”!

If you have an empty journal to use, claim it. If not, grab some copy paper, fold it in half, staple at the fold, and create your own. Want a cover? Take construction paper, fold it in half, and put the copy paper in the center and staple. Bam – now you have a journal! This new journal is the place you can write down all of your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. It’s for your eyes only, unless of course you want to share. Try to commit to three minutes of writing a day. If you don’t feel like writing, express yourself through drawing. This is about you!

Grab a notebook or a few sheets of paper and make a list of 100 things to be happy about – big or small things. Decorate the list and hang it on your wall!

Take out your markers, colored pens, pencils, and paper. Write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself all the things you want, need, and deserve to hear. Be your own best friend.

What magical things can you do? Write them down, decorate, and create your magical landscape.

What would you like the world to be? Use your magazines and/or Pinterest to create your perfect world! Or Draw it. Color it. List everything it needs to have. Make up stuff you always wanted. Don’t hold back.

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