Wizard of Oz – Week 9
a note from alise

Is Everyone Getting Excited?

Being in a show takes a lot of work and dedication and our actors are doing great! I can’t believe it, but we’re approaching the finish line. Next week we roll into tech week for our Emerald City cast, followed by their performances on April 4 and 7. Tech week for the Ruby Slippers cast begins April 8, 9 and 10, followed by their performances on April 11 and 14. Ruby Slippers cast still have rehearsals on Sunday, April 7. On April 7 Ruby Slippers will go straight to the Senior Assembly Room.

The next two and a half weeks will be busy and exhilarating all at the same time! Long hours, hard work, and dedication, but well worth the sense of pride and accomplishment that will appear on all our actors’ faces as they SHINE on stage.

How can you help? Please continue to work with them on their songs/lines/dances as we enter the homestretch. Make sure they are well-hydrated and get plenty of sleep; self-care is super important. Our actors are going to be working hard and they will need your support and encouragement. The long hours and effort will be well worth it. We can’t wait to experience our theater magic coming alive while watching our budding actors dazzle us with their newly-refined talent, confidence, and teamwork!

Thank you to all our volunteers!

Ticket Sales

I continue to encourage all of you to please use your PR/social media kits to help us spread the word about ticket sales! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, please click the “Purchase Tickets” button below! If you purchased your tickets already, they will be waiting for you at Will Call, on the day of the performance.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Let’s finish strong and be sure to review videos from our resource library.

Rehearsal: Sunday, March 31

  • Emerald City will meet in Zale Auditorium.
  • Ruby Slippers will rehearse in the Senior Assembly Room.
  • Pick-up will be at 5:30 pm in the lobby.

Important Costume Reminder

Please make sure your actor brings their costume bag and all the items requested if they have not already to rehearsals this Sunday. If you are playing a female role and you would like to pack your make-up now…a little blush, lip gloss, mascara…you can do that too.

Mandatory Tech Week

Some of you already know, but tech week is when the show is completely run from top to bottom with costumes, mics, lights, music, make-up etc. It is a time to work out all the kinks (there will be plenty, and that is okay) it is just part of the process. Tech week allows the children to know exactly what to expect when they do the show live! At JPAS, unlike other children’s theater programs in town, we have three nights of tech rehearsals. This helps set us apart. We want to ensure our actors are super prepared for opening night.

  • Emerald City cast tech dates: April 1, 2, 3
  • Ruby Slippers cast tech dates: April 8, 9, 10

Actors must arrive promptly at 4:30 pm. Tech will end at 8:30. It is best to feed your actor BEFORE they arrive. We literally hit the ground running. Please pack snacks and a water bottle.


Opening night is next week – it is going to be amazing!

Emerald City Cast Performances

  • Thursday, April 4 @ 7 pm (actors must arrive promptly at 4:30 pm)
  • Sunday, April 7 @ 2 pm and 6 pm (actors must arrive promptly at 12 pm)

Actors DO NOT leave the J between performances. Actors will have their celebratory dinner and cake after the 2 pm performance.

Ruby Slippers Cast Performances

  • Thursday, April 11 @ 7 pm (actors must arrive promptly at 4:30 pm)
  • Sunday, April 14 @ 2 pm & 6 pm (actors must arrive promptly at 12 pm)

Actors DO NOT leave the J between performances. Actors will have their celebratory dinner and cake after the 2 pm performance.

DVD of the Performance

Each year we hire a videographer to record the shows. DVDs will be on sale for $25. I will put together a separate email taking DVD orders. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to video-tape the show.

Professional Photographer

We will also have a professional photographer join our last day of tech to capture our talented actors on the stage. We will make the photos available to the parents.

Complimentary Tickets

Reminder: your complimentary ticket(s) will be waiting for you at Will Call along with the additional tickets you may have purchased. Each actor receives one free ticket. For those of you who sent in your bios early, as per the contest we had, and participated in the virtual social media challenge, those complimentary tickets will be at Will Call too.

Performing Arts Camps

Camp StarQuest has a wait-list now. If you are interested, please click here to fill out the online form and email me as I may be able to open a spot available to our JPAS kids.
Open spots are still available in Camp StarPower – StarPower is so fun too!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are posting pics there too!

Looking forward seeing everyone this Sunday!

Shine Bright,

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