Wizard of Oz – Week 6
a note from alise

Singing, Acting, Dancing…Oh My!

Our actors have been working hard and we are super proud of them. We are past the half-way mark in our rehearsal journey. In four short weeks Emerald City cast will take the stage for their first performance. What does this mean? A few things…a lot of things actually! Tons of excitement is starting to brew, nerves will come into play soon, self-care becomes very important, and REHEARSING AT HOME is key! I strongly urge you to ask your actors to practice their lines, sing their songs, and watch and practice the choreography videos at least three times during the week. All actors need to be off-book and should be ready to focus when they arrive. Please encourage them! Perhaps provide a little pep talk before rehearsals this Sunday. And if you could please remind our actors that cell phones are not permitted during rehearsal unless it is used to record something specific from the show. The less distractions, the more our actors will thrive. It is in the next few weeks when we begin to put all the pieces of the performance together; it’s a wonderful time. In addition to the amazing progress they are making with the actual show and the performance skills being learned, it warms my heart to see the friendships being made and the social/emotional development taking place that only theater magic can do!

Emerald City

Ruby Slippers

Our Wizard(s) are in the House!

This past weekend our Wizard(s) and awesome Directors and Costume Designer pre-taped our Oz doing his scene work. We are now in the process of editing this footage so it can be part of our projections during the live show – stepping up our game! Thank you to our wizards!

Friendly Reminder

It is important that our actors don’t miss rehearsal. We are at a critical point in the show process where everyone’s participation is needed. Remember: acting is a team sport.

Electronic Resource Library

PLEASE share this with your actor. This section is designed to assist them between rehearsals. Happy practicing!

Rehearsal: Sunday, March 10

Please have both casts meet in Zale Auditorium. Pick-up will be at 5:30 pm in the lobby.

Mindful Meditation

This week we focused on the idea that good friends can come in the most unlikely places. Be open, be willing to receive and to give. See what can happen!

Digital Marketing Kits and Tickets

It’s time to SELL, SELL, SELL. This week I emailed everyone our digital marketing kit. I’ve seen some of you already starting to share and comment on social media – rock on! Word-of-mouth is the ultimate marketer! THANK YOU!

Click here to purchase tickets!

Kids Are Marketers Too!

Last Sunday we handed out small flyers to our actors to hand out to friends, teachers, family…you name it! I’ve received some wonderful feedback about our actors feeling empowered by handing out their small flyers! Keep the stories coming; I love them. If your child has not handed their flyers out yet, please encourage them to bring them to school, give them to their friends/teachers, or hand them out to your neighbors or at another one of their after school activities. This exercise is beyond marketing the performances. This small act teaches our actors to take ownership of their “work”, to speak out when otherwise shy, to learn a “behind-the-scenes” skill, and ultimately, a sense of pride in something they are committed to.

Complimentary Tickets

All families will receive 1 complimentary ticket per actor enrolled in the program. Those of you who sent me their bios early, you will receive an additional complimentary ticket. All complimentary and purchased tickets will be available at Will Call on the day of the performances.

You Are Oz-Some – Volunteering is Fun!

Thank you to everyone who already signed up! Emerald City, all your spots are filled – way to go! I am so appreciative. Ruby Slippers, you aren’t far behind. We are in need of two more dressing room volunteers.

Additional Opportunities

The following is not included on the sign-up form, but if you are interested in helping with make-up, email me at arobinson@jccdallas.org – I can give the specifics.

Toto Wrangler

We may need a Toto (Monkey the dog) wrangler for the Ruby Slippers cast. If you love dogs and want to help keep our Toto calm and not distracted by our actors between scenes, let me know by sending me an email and I can give you the scoop.

Community Event for the Whole Family

Wizard of Oz Movie Night & Dinner: Thursday, March 21 at 5 pm

  • Come sing along and watch this iconic movie as we get ourselves excited and geared up for our live performances (April 4 – 14). All ages are welcome. It’s a great night to share with friends and/or family.
  • $5 per person.
  • Click here for details and to RSVP

Purchase Your Tickets – Buy Early & Save!

Please spread the word about Wizard of Oz to friends and family.

Performing Arts Camps – Limited spots left in both Camps!

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Looking forward seeing everyone this Sunday!

Shine Bright,

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