JPAS Mindful Moments

The mind is our greatest tool. Learning at a young age how to use it to our advantage, learning this skill at any age, is empowering and impactful. As I reflect on the many facets of  being mindful, what often comes up is “connection,” – connecting to ourselves and to others.

At all of our JPAS trainings, I speak to my staff about the power of connecting. There is a huge difference between being in a room with children, and leading and CONNECTING while you are in a room with children. The latter can change the direction of a child’s life forever. So, I encourage all of us to take advantage of those precious opportunities we have with our loved ones – to BE with them…to connect. Fill your family’s bucket this week by connecting. Read on to learn how.

Interested in Building a Mindfulness Practice at Home? Try this!

Every few weeks, I will share some useful tips that can lead to a happier and calmer home, and a healthier mindset for both you and your awesome JPAS Star. Starting a mindfulness practice as a family doesn’t have to be hard. Implementing just a few easy practices can make a big difference for everyone.

Reminder, last tip was: Start a Morning Gratitude Routine or Evening Routine. Click here to view our previous blog with details.

Today’s Tip: Unplug as a Family

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s as important to unplug with your family as it is to brush your teeth twice a day. Unplugging means putting your internet devices out of sight, or even turning them off (gasp!). Unplugging has the power to increase the feeling of connection within your family and even improves quality of sleep.

Try tech-free dinners. They create more opportunities for mindful eating, so your family can experience the joys of eating intentionally and connecting over food. Your kids may even try something new! Unplugging also leads to more conversations and personal interactions. Play the Cherry or Pit. Go around the table/couch and share your “cherry” or “pit” of the day – here is how it works…“cherry” is something great that happened, and something not so great is the “pit”. Listen and share. Feeling heard and that you matter is so important, no matter what your age.

Another way to unplug: join the artsJPAS’ production of The Lion King JR. A great way to have your child unplug is to have them become a part of our JPAS theater community by being in The Lion King JR – our next main-stage production. Registration is open now – space is limited!

I look forward to hearing how your mindful journeys are going. Please share any stories or positive changes you may see!

Other Opportunities

We have several one-day master workshops coming up in October and November – Creative Drama & Improv, Broadway Dance, and Song Writing with Vocal Training.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We’d love to see you in one of our programs very soon!

Shine Bright,

Alise Robinson
Director of J Performing Arts