Lion King – Week 5
a note from alise

We’re Rockin’ and We Ain’t Lion

We have reached the half-way point – way to go! It’s now more than ever that our actors need to come prepared and focused. All actors should be off-book by this weekend. PLEASE encourage them to memorize their blocking and lines, to know all the songs learned to date, and to use the Electronic Resource Library to help with music and choreography.

Now we are in the fun part of rehearsing. Well, it’s all FUN! But, as our actors get used to saying their lines off-book, their director is encouraging them to think more about their character and how they would talk, stand, etc. All the character development we worked on earlier in the process comes into play now. Our characters come alive with meaning, purpose, and personality.

Our actors are doing great, and we want to keep the momentum going. We believe with some practice in between rehearsals our actors are going to nail it. A shout-out to our actors for bringing their best selves each week. We commend our actors for their determination and dedication; it is admirable.

Please read through below, as it is full of important information, dates, and upcoming events.

Electronic Resource Library

PLEASE share this with your actor. This section is designed to assist them between rehearsals. Happy practicing!

4 Things you can do with Your Actor This Week

  1. In the car: listen to the music in the car as they sing along (in character).
  2. Ask to review the ERL videos with them for 10 minutes, and then ask them to show you what they learned.
  3. Ask your actor to give you a “sneak peek” of one of the numbers and have them perform for you.
  4. Practice lines with your actor and act out a scene or two with them.

Hakuna Cast

  • We reviewed Circle of Life, Grasslands, and I Just Can’t Wait to Be King at the top of rehearsal. It was extremely apparent who had reviewed their resources.
  • We talked about leadership and how we can be a leader by coming to rehearsals prepared because the art of theatre does not happen until we are memorized and can use our whole body to tell the story.
  • We choreographed Be Prepared, The Lioness Hunt, They Live in You, and He Lives in You as well as reviewed The Circle of Life, Grassland Chants, and I Just Can’t Wait to Be King! WOW! We were busy!
  • We learned how to use dance to show our characters intentions as good or evil.
  • Special Shout out to Jane for jumping in and learning new music with a great attitude!
  • Shout out to Cailee for being prepared for rehearsal and giving 100% throughout the entire day.
  • Please have your actor “write out” your show if they have not started! Actors should make a list of their entrances and exits and what costumes they wear and what props they might take on or off!

Matata Cast

  • We did a stumble through! We stumbled but we did it as we reviewed all the dances we learned to date! Way to go.
  • We learned some new choreography as well. We learned the first half of the Lioness Hunt and finished learning I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.
  • The actors learned about fight call, where actors practice any fight scenes and lifts that happen in the show before they perform it on stage. This is always challenging and fun!
  • We spent time in small groups where several actors were pulled aside to work on why they’re saying their lines and adding meaning to their words and movements. All the character development work we have done is starting to come together!
  • Please have your actor “write out” their show if they have not started! Actors should make a list of their entrances and exits and what costumes they wear and what props they might take on or off!

Costume Fittings

Our team has been working behind the scenes. Set design is in full effect, and so are our costumes and they are looking fabulous. This week we have the Hakuna Cast fittings. Please refer to the email I sent with your time slots. Matata Cast your fitting is the following week.

  • Hakuna Cast will have costume fittings this Sunday, February 23 prior to rehearsals
  • Matata Cast will have costume fittings on Sunday, March 1 prior to rehearsals

It’s Volunteer Time – We Can’t Do It Without You!

This week I sent out an email with volunteer opportunities for each cast. It takes a village and I look forward to you jumping in and watching our teamwork unfold while we support our actors to ensure they shine on stage.

Social Media Challenge – Digital Marketing Kits

Who has used their digital marketing kit to spread the word? Please use the materials to help us ensure we have a packed house for our actors – so exciting! What about this…if each of us did one post that would be 74+ posts circulating on social media about ticket sales – let’s do it! Who’s in?

Purchase Your Tickets – Buy Early and Save!

Please spread the word about Lion King Jr. to friends and family!

Performing Arts Camps

  • StarPower has 10 spots left!
  • StarQuest is full, but we have a wait-list!

Pricing for camp increases after Sunday, March 1. If you haven’t registered, take advantage of this opportunity to save. Like so many of our JPAS campers, camp is my favorite time of the year. And for those who haven’t tried one of our performing arts camps, it truly is the best! Ask someone who has attended our performing arts camps and they will tell you – Camp StarQuest and Camp StarPower is where we make dreams come true! Want to learn more? Call 214-239-7140 or email me at I would love to tell you all about it. Please register today to save your spot.

  • Click here to learn more about JPAS Camps, StarQuest, and StarPower.
  • Click here for registration forms.

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Looking forward seeing everyone this Sunday!
Please don’t forget to grab your marketing materials at the rounder in the front lobby at 1:30 pm.

Shine Bright,

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