Lion King – Week 4
a note from alise

Commitment, Passion, Practice

This past Sunday before rehearsals some of our actors were a part of our pre-show video and promo spots for marketing. Rehearsals this Sunday were fantastic! Our actors are in the thick of it and we couldn’t be prouder of their dedication and commitment. Hearts were pumping, feet were moving, and they did great! We are super impressed with everyone’s progress. Both casts also dug deeper into character-development and blocking. As the weeks continue, it will be super important that our actors practice at home. Practice, practice, practice. Retention between rehearsals is key. Please ask your actor if they are off-book.

Electronic Resource Library

PLEASE share this with your actor. This section is designed to assist them between rehearsals. Happy practicing!

Hakuna Cast

  • Our centering theme and mindful moment on Sunday focused on recognizing the potential in others and the potential in ourselves and what that looks like.
  • Our actors continued to work on their individual animal walks talking about speed, two legs versus four legs etc., to aid in our storytelling.
  • We learned about dance techniques such as ball change and three-point turns while learning our choreography.
  • In learning I Just Can’t Wait to Be King and Shadowland we were able to distinguish different emotions within our dance based on the song.
  • Shout out to all our older actors who are willingly and excited to sing off-stage (when they are not on stage) to help us have the best show possible.

Matata Cast

  • Today’s centering theme and mindful moment was about friendship. The actors were encouraged to talk to people in the cast who they haven’t talked to before and make new friends. It was a joy seeing the actors open up to others.
  • Barring the Finale and Bows, which are reprises of other music, we are done learning music! We said goodbye to our accompanist Jared, thanking him for all of his hard work with us.
  • As we get further along in the rehearsal process, it’s great to see the actors slowly getting more comfortable with their characterization and lean into the feel of their characters.
  • During dance, our actors learned the first half of I Just Can’t Wait To Be King. What a fun number! And they learned the blocking for Grasslands Chant.
  • And…our Lionesses worked with their choreographer on a lift and they talked through artistic representation of a lioness hunt.

Rehearsal – Sunday, February 16

  • Everyone should arrive promptly at 1:30 pm
  • Hakuna cast will meet in the Senior Assembly Room
  • Matata cast will meet in Zale Auditorium
  • Pick-up will be at 5:30 pm in the lobby
  • Please remind our performers to bring their scripts, folder, character-development sheet, pencil, and a highlighter
  • Please pack a healthy snack and a water bottle
  • Wear clothes you can easily move in with sneakers or bring your jazz/dance shoes

Marketing Materials
Digital Marketing & Social Media Kit

If you want to be a part of spreading the word about The Lion King JR performances, please meet at the lobby rounder this Sunday at 5:30. I have a few more posters that could be hung at school, around town…you name it. Also, I have a few yard signs left. I will have materials at the front during pick-up.

Thank you to everyone who so eagerly agreed to help! A big shout-out to those who are engaging on social media already! Please join the conversation and use the images I sent in the Digital Marketing email sent today.

Mark Your Calendars – Costume Fittings

  • Hakuna Cast will have costume fittings on Sunday, February 23
  • Matata Cast will have costume fittings on Sunday, March 1

Purchase Your Tickets – Buy Early and Save!

Please spread the word about Lion King Jr. to friends and family! Purchased tickets and complimentary tickets (which can be used for any performance) will be available for pick-up at will call on the day of the performance.

Reminder About Healthy Snacks

Please continue to do your best to provide healthy snacks, low in sugar. Healthy, low-sugar snacks help to keep our performers engaged, focused, and on task. Actors will not be allowed to use the vending machines.

Performing Arts Camps

  • StarQuest only has two spots left (then we will have a waitlist)!
  • StarPower has 10 spots left.

Ask someone who has attended our performing arts camps and they will tell you! Camp StarQuest and Camp StarPower rock! Want to learn more? Call or email me (214-239-7140 or I would love to tell you all about it. Please register today to save your spot.

  • Click here to learn more about JPAS Camps, StarQuest, and StarPower.
  • Click here for registration forms.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are posting pics there too!

Looking forward seeing everyone this Sunday!
Please don’t forget to grab your marketing materials at the rounder in the front lobby at 1:30 pm.

Shine Bright,

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