LKSA Testimonials

Anh H.

My daughter has been taking weekly lessons here for the past 3 years. She is now 6.5 years old. She loves it here. She seems to have progressed well through the different swim levels. I like that parents and child can see the progress on paper, with stickers illustrating each skill achieved within each level. Teachers and staff are super friendly and the pool facility is nice.


Julia K.

My boys have been at LKSA for a year and a half. We love the great instructors and the progress we have seen in their swimming. Great program!


Julie L.

Today was our first swim birthday party since Ray started LSKA. I went into it prepared, to get in the water and help him with everything. I was pleasantly surprised to see my once “cling to Mom and refuse to swim” child turn into a confident, excited, happy swimmer! I actually had difficulty getting him out of the pool! He wanted to run and jump in over and over again, not bothered when he went under water and then floated right back up. He wanted to swim on his back the length of the pool (and it wasn’t small at the Coppell Aquatics Center)! He spent most of his time in the big pool because he didn’t want to be in the small splash pool where the rest of the 4-year olds from the party were swimming. I can’t wait to see how he swims this summer, and we owe it all to you and LSKA. The number one change I see in him from start of the program until now is confidence. He actually couldn’t get enough of the water! Thank you so much for all you have done for him and our family!


Lynn S.

I am so happy that we enrolled Isabel at 12 months. We have seen her go from splashing to floating and now kicking! She loves the water and we are extremely proud of her confidence and all that she has accomplished with the help of all her swim coaches at LKSA!


Aparna B.

All three of my kids take swimming lessons at LKSA. My son graduated a year ago, my older daughter is currently on level 6, and my youngest daughter, who started the Mommy and Me program when she was 6 months old, is currently at level 2.

As far as swimming lessons go, from personal experience I can say that the LKSA method is far superior to other swim schools. The focus is on correct technique and learning the strokes to perfection. My son who graduated from LKSA often got compliments on technique when he tried out for various swim teams in the city. I chose Lenny K because it was an indoor facility, coaches are well-trained, and my kids truly enjoy their lessons here. My youngest is terrified of the water and no lesson is tear-free, but the way the Coach Daniel handles her anxiety is truly commendable. The coaches are patient, fun, and very adept at handling kids with a variety of temperaments.

What I love most about the program is the focus on passing the survival test at every level before moving onto the next level. While it is amusing to watch the instructors throw the kids or push them into the water with their clothes and shoes on, it is also reassuring to watch your child make their way back to the edge of the pool and know that they will know what to do if they ever face that situation in real life.

As for the front office, Jenny Ingram is so wonderful and strives to work out a schedule for each family and handles all inquiries with such efficiency – particularly when it came to make up lessons, vacation periods, or rescheduling classes. I love the program and am so happy that my kids are learning how to swim here!