3 Tips for Sticking to Exercise

Does this sound familiar at all?

“I wake up. Today is the day! I will start my workout routine this morning and it’s. going. to. be. AWESOME. The next two weeks I’m on point. Showing up early. Drenched in sweat after my workout. I feel amazing! But somehow, that stride always seems to have an expiration date. Without fail, on day 15…I’m too tired, or I have a cold, or I just don’t have the time today (even though my schedule is the same as yesterday).”

You are not alone my friend.

The question for me then became, “Okay, so how do I find an exercise routine I will stick to?” And, “What happens when I feel that expiration date approaching?”

leg day

For me, a lot of it was finding what makes me tick.  Here are my top three tips for sticking to an exercise routine:

  1. Keep it Fresh and Fun
    When it comes to the latest and greatest in exercise, the J leads the way. The new Tenergy boutique studio is a state-of-the-art playground for adults. From the floating bars to the 4D pro to the UFO (Unidentified Fitness Object), the fun to be had while working out here is endless! Not only will YOU never get bored, but your MUSCLES won’t either. Group Fitness Director at the J, Terri Arends, says, “if you want to see real results you need to mix it up. Your body goes into cruise control when you do the same exercise every workout. So, throw a wrench in your routine to see your body react and get those results.”
  2. Tag a Friend
    Friends don’t let friends not work out. When you have someone you’re accountable to, you are going to show up. After all, they will! Not to mention, the common interest of exercise can build some lasting friendships. Some of my best friends are people I’ve met through Zumba®!
  3. Make it a Lifestyle
    When you stop looking at exercise as something you HAVE to do, it can become something you WANT to do. And that starts by re-framing how you think about it. If exercise is part of your lifestyle, then it doesn’t expire.