Easy 5-Layer Taco Bowl

I don’t know about y’all, but I have an on-again-off-again relationship with self-control and dinner. Sometimes any option other than the healthy one I was planning sounds, looks and tastes better.

Yesterday I opened the fridge and saw lots of leftovers, but nothing made me say, “Ole!” My fingers, with a mind of their own, started scrolling through the apps on my phone, and the next thing I know, I’m putting food in my Uber Eats cart. “These tacos look SO good!”

But, then the wellness coach in me took over. Is ordering in the choice I want to make? How am I going to feel after eating something I order in? This is a type of question I’ve learned to ask myself (and answer) when I’m struggling with self-control.

And so the inner struggle began. First, I thought, “I just ordered in two days ago…I’m probably going to feel guilty about spending money (one of my goals lately has been to be more frugal). Then, I know I will feel sluggish and blah after eating the tacos in my cart. I also probably won’t sleep very well tonight if I eat all of that. Again, is ordering tacos really the choice I want to make?” #TheTacoStruggleIsReal

So, I opened the fridge back up and pulled out all the leftovers I had: brown rice, maple roasted brussel sprouts, sautéed kale, and one lonely egg (I really need to go grocery shopping). And instead of those tacos, I decided to make a taco bowl. I added pumpkin seeds and coconut amino teriyaki sauce, and voila!

Below is an awesome infographic on how to DIFYOF (do it from your own fridge) your healthier taco, taco bowl with whatever you have on hand.

taco infographic