aquaticsAnd just like that…session one is done! This last week of swim lessons at Camp Chai and Simchah have been a testing week to see where we are from day one to the end of session three for swim lessons. We are processing the digital report cards and there will be a follow-up email that will include instructions on how to view your child’s report. Please keep in mind that our program is a work-at-your-own-pace program and there are quite a few skills per level to master, so do not be surprised if your child did not graduate after the first session. If your child is also enrolled in LKSA and their report does not exactly match what they have accomplished in their weekly lesson, please do not be concerned. Our swimmers have been getting used to a new pool and a new teacher which does take time.

I think what is most encouraging as I look around the pool each morning is seeing all the smiling faces as they swim! I hope that you are hearing the same thing at home when you ask about swimming. I encourage you to keep the conversation about water safety going at home throughout the summer and the year.

Once you receive your reports, please reach out to me with any concerns. This is the first year we are doing digital reporting, so if there are any issues we will work quickly to resolve them. If you feel your child has been evaluated too low or can do more than what we are seeing in their class, please let me know. If you would like your child to have additional lessons through the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, please click here for more details and set up your free evaluation at any time!