Whew! Week one is done! Our instructors spent the first two days of camp evaluating each swimmer in Camp Simchah and Camp Chai. Each student that was present for testing days has been assigned a level – buttons below. You can see our evaluation criteriabelow and how we place children into one of our eight levels in the Swim Right® curriculum. If a child can competently perform all of the skills or drills in each level’s evaluation list, they move on to the next level and so on until they reach a point where they cannot complete each skill or drill and are placed in that level.

Evaluation Guidelines

aquaticsLKSA students who are currently enrolled should have a level that mirrors that of the year-round program. If based on the evaluation criteria or their current LKSA level you feel that your child’s level is not correct and they need to be reassessed, please email me at dtaylor@jccdallas.org and we will address that on Monday morning. We are always happy to reassess as we do realize that children do not always show us their best on day one. There are a lot of factors that will impact a level assignment; we do see regression from children who have not practiced their skills since the previous summer. There are also distinct differences from our curriculum to that of other swim schools or lessons that might affect a level placement.

Please find your child’s level next to their name on the links provided here. If your child’s name is not listed, then they may have missed their assessment day and will be evaluated on Monday.

3s Simchah 4s Simchah Chalutzim Chaverim Giborim Shalom

The most important thing for us is that each child is safe, comfortable, and happy! We always want swim lessons at camp to be a positive experience, so please reach out to me at anytime if I can be of assistance to help your child achieve all of the above.


We look forward to week 2 of Session 1!

Thank you,

Daniel Taylor
Director of Aquatics & Health Services