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Trust, Confidence, & Accountability

I am overwhelmed with how amazing our StarQuest campers are! Their sense of teamwork and loving-kindness towards themselves and one another has really shown through this week. Of the many, self-affirming teachable moments we infuse into our StarQuest camp, is a daily group affirmation, randomly chosen by one camper, but shared with the entire camp. We start our day off with this new tradition, in the morning to build the confidence of our inner dialogue and to help us see the light in ourselves and others. This coupled with our overall camp culture is creating our StarQuest magic! The trust they are building in themselves and each other has boosted everyone’s confidence to either try new things, make new friends, take creative risks and the freedom to have fun! One of our camp motto’s this summer is “You Are More Beautiful Than You Think You Are.”

This is something we help instill in our stars while showing them that their “sparkle” shines inside and outside. We try and give them the space desired to figure things out on their own, while gaining assurance within their choices through positive feedback from all our camp counselors and specialists. We also keep one another accountable to our words and actions because we are learning how powerful we really are! Through all of this… we are strengthening our ability to work as an ensemble through reinforcing our trust and confidence in ourselves and each other.

Here’s the Inside Scoop

The second week of camp is a complete “growth” week! As our campers get acquainted with their acting and vocal roles and each other, they are getting into the groove and expanding their skill sets within the morning classes. Our special activities of the week emphasized the beauty of working together: song writing workshop, improv games, rehearsals, creating crafts, daily meditation moments, and our fabulous Friday tradition, appreciation circle.


  • Had an amazing, inspiring song writing workshop! Each group is writing and performing their very own song!
  • We love this game called, Sing about it! The laughter and fun playing this is beyond!
  • Each group worked on songs from their “Broadway Revue Performance”


  • Had a fabulous on-camera workshop!
  • Warm up exercises that focused on connecting to others while projecting.
  • Worked on improv scenes.


  • Each group worked on different things this week, some practiced ballet others learned choreography from Broadway and each groups worked on their Revue dances!!


We are moving and grooving in rehearsal. We worked hard on blocking the show this week and made some fabulous progress. Integrated song with movement which is what creates musical theater. We also have been encouraging our camper’s to memorize their blocking, music and choreography as soon as its been given to them so they can move forward in the rehearsal process successfully and they are doing a great job! We are doing a “work through” with all three casts and are very excited about it!

Conversation Starter

Ask your camper to sing you their song from the songwriting workshop? Ask about the “inspiring bracelets” given out at morning pow-wow and what they represent. Ask about our affirmation cards and daily group mediation moment? Ask them how dress-up-as-your-favorite-character day was. Ask them about their dreams catchers? And, you can’t forget to ask them if they enjoyed singing the bean song at the end of the day!

Your children are shining brightly each and every day! Camp “magic” is happening. Can’t wait for the adventure of Week 3!

This is How We Do It at Camp StarQuest

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Can’t wait to see what happens next week at Camp StarQuest!

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Shine Bright,

Alise Robinson
Director Camp StarQuest