Camp Staff

Join the J Camp Staff – it’ll change your life!

Looking for a life-changing summer? Join us to change a child’s life and your own. Spending a summer as a camp staff member will prepare you for your future while having fun, making friends, and being outdoors – sounds impossible…it’s not.

Employers today are looking for the skills you practice every day as a camp counselor – so join us for a great summer!

We are now taking applications for camp counselors working with all ages of children in a variety of arenas including sports, gymnastics, traditional camping, and much more. Applicants for junior counselors must be at least 15 years old. We are also hiring senior staff, specialists, and coaches.

“The friendships, the bonding, the independent feeling, knowing I was stronger than I thought…these are summers that I will forever cherish, and some of my best friends today were staff with me!”
– Gretchen E.

This is the Job You Want

What You’ll Give


What You’ll Gain

And more!

There are summer jobs where you will make hamburgers and summer jobs where you’ll make sales. Why not a summer job where you will make a DIFFERENCE…in the life of a child…and in your own life!

Staff make the summer for every child – you’ll be a hero in their eyes by giving:

  • Love: you’ve gotta love the kids, having fun and trying new things
  • Respect: every staff member demonstrates respect for the rules, expectations, your campers and everyone you work with
  • Patience: it’s HOT; the days are LONG; you have little free time! Patience is a skill you will practice daily and make it part of who you are
  • Creativity: planning great activities for children takes ingenuity but even more is needed when things don’t go according to plan such a rainy days, the pool closures, buses are late, and more
  • Leadership: be ready to be a role model and a hero

You will grow in so many areas that will change your life. By teaching skills, you will develop your character and as a role model for children, these beliefs will become who you are – a person of integrity. Here are some of the skills that you’ll practice every day:

“As a counselor, it gave me much needed accountability and early responsibility which probably would not have come until I got older.”
– Michael C., Camp Chai Lifer (former camper/counselor, now sending his child/ren to Camp Chai)

  • Friendship: making friends is a skill that you will teach and practice
  • Teamwork: one of the key skills employers are looking for today
  • Inspiration: our senior staff is there to guide and inspire you to change lives; you will learn to inspire others as well.
  • Integrity: doing the right thing is often hard especially when it is hot and you are tired. Together we will support one another to be the best we can be.

One hundred years from now it will not matter…

what kind of car I drove,
what kind of house I lived in,
how much money I had in my bank account,
nor what my clothes looked like.

But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child.

Ready to be part of our J Camp staff?

  1. Choose the camp you’d like to work for
    1. Camp Simchah: preschool ages 2 – 4 years
    2. Camp Chai: traditional camp for grades kindergarten to 6th grade
    3. Teen Travel Camp: a travel program for teens grades 7 – 9
    4. Specialty Camps: Sports, Tennis, Gymnastics, & Performing Arts
  2. Contact Laura Seymour, Director of Camping Services, or the camp director of your choice of camp.
  3. Set up an interview and then follow up with hiring paperwork.

Click on a question below to see the answer.

Which J Camp can I work at?

The J has seven different camps plus aquatics. Explore our website to learn about all of our camps and then contact the camp director through email. Specific ages and skill sets are required at each camp, however, the minimum age for all J camps is 15 years of age. If you are undecided on which camp is best for you, contact Laura Seymour, Director of Camping Services.  After an initial interview, you will be able to interview with any of the other directors.

What are the hours I will be required to work?

Camp Simchah for preschoolers is a 9 am – 1 pm camp and all grades K – 9 camps are 9 am – 4 pm. Staff must arrive earlier and stay until campers are picked up. There is also the option to work extended care from 7:30 – 9 am and 4 – 6 pm.

Is camp fun?

“It’s fun but it’s a real job!” Camp is a responsibility – you are caring for children. However, it is fun and the best job you will ever have! Working at camp is rewarding and challenging and you will learn amazing skills.

What do I need to wear?

We do have a dress code, yet each camp may have specific needs. Every staff member must wear a J camp staff shirt each day. You will be given three and can purchase additional shirts.

Can I take time off?

You will be contracted for a specific schedule. We need and expect you to commit to that schedule and do not encourage time off unless you are sick.

What kind of training and support will I receive?

Each camp will have a specified pre-camp training expectation. For staff missing any of the training, there will be opportunities to make up the learning sessions. In addition, there will be staff meetings as determined by the camp director. Staff will be expected to meet with supervisors as needed and be prepared with all planning. Each camp director will be available to provide feedback and additional learning experiences.

Do I need to pack a lunch every day?

Yes, bring your lunch each day. It is expected that you follow the kosher guidelines that will be explained in your hiring packet. We do have morning and afternoon snacks.

Can I take a bus to camp?

Yes (dependent on the camp), we have four bus stops and you may coordinate this with Laura Seymour, Director of Camping Services.

Can I use my cell phone at camp?

We understand that it is often difficult to contact staff on our facility without calling cell phones. However, we request that you not use your phone for personal matters during the day. Each camp director will go over specific expectations for the specific camp.

When do I get paid?

2019 Camp Pay Periods are as follows:

  • June 11 – 28: July 15
  • July 1 – 19: July 31
  • July 22 – August 9: August 30

For more information, contact Laura Seymour, Director of Camping Services, at