Non-Traditional Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day


We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who says breakfast food always has to be so…breakfasty?

“I’m. So. Hungry!”…is what my stomach told me in the middle of a mid-morning meeting with a friend/colleague.

So, I grabbed some veggies and hummus and began to chow down. When I offered some to my friend she said, “No thanks, I can’t really do garlic in the morning.” Light bulb – the morning! I didn’t even realize it was 10 am and I was eating hummus and veggies. That’s so not breakfast…or is it?!

Here are some benefits of adding some non-traditional options to your breakfast:

  1. Get more green – thinking outside the breakfast burrito might actually help you get more greens into your diet. Salads for breakfast can be a great way to kick-start your day with nutrient-rich greens. Not ready for a salad? Add some greens to a smoothie for a nutrient upgrade.
  2. Save – leftover quinoa and chicken from dinner last night? Leftovers can make a great breakfast, save you time, and you won’t be throwing out food!
  3. Stay full my friends – eating a bigger, more nutrient-complete meal in the morning might help you stay full and crush those cravings throughout the day.
  4. Let go – now, I’m not one for breaking rules, but eating dinner for breakfast is one I will happily break. So let go of that eggo and get creative. You might just feel a little lighter!

Ideas for Dinner for Breakfast:

  • Miso soup – choose this when you are looking for a savory, light breakfast.
  • Fish – adding salmon to scrambled eggs will give you extra flavor, protein, and omega 3s.
  • Leafy greens salad – add fruit and nuts with a sweet dressing (blueberry vinaigrette is a favorite of mine!) for a breakfast twist!
  • Quinoa and beans – using some leftover fresh herbs would make this simple dish a delightful way to start the day!
  • Hummus and veggies