9 Ways to Be a Model of Health and Wellness From the Master

When I asked Dr. Zeck Lieberman what his vision was for the Lieberman Family Wellness Center at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas, his answer was simple: “to be a model of health and wellness for the community.”

Today, Dr. Lieberman, celebrates his 90th birthday. In the past nine decades, Dr. Lieberman has accumulated accolades of all kinds: Top of the Class, President, World-Class Surgeon, Chief, Volunteer, Father of the Year, and First Class Friend. Yet, more than the titles, it’s what Dr. Lieberman has taught us through leading by example that will hail the Lieberman Family Wellness Center as a “model for the community” for decades to come.

What better way to learn about being a model of health and wellness than from the master himself? In the spirit of 90 years of inspiration, we want to share 9 life lessons that Dr. Lieberman has selflessly taught us:

1. Approach everything with enthusiasm
You never see Dr. Lieberman without a smile on his face. His enthusiasm for making the community a healthier place is contagious. You can’t help but feel better and want to do more when you speak to him.

2. Bring a positive perspective to every situation
Mindset is everything. Dr. Lieberman doesn’t see challenges, he sees opportunities. When issues arise, he doesn’t focus on the problem. He instead brings a positive perspective to finding a solution so we can continue to move forward.

3. Be humble
The list of Dr. Lieberman’s accomplishments is vast, much to brag about, and for some even intimidating. Yet, you will never hear him take the credit he is due. It’s without a doubt that Dr. Lieberman’s humble nature allows us to learn from his experience and expertise.

4. Provide unbiased guidance
While it’s clear that Dr. Lieberman has many of the answers, he always keeps an open mind. He will help guide you rather than point you in one direction. His motto is to inspire others to enhance the quality of their life and he does that by teaching and not preaching.

5. Never stop learning
Dr. Lieberman has seen extensive change to the health and wellness industry since he graduated medical school at the age of 21. Yet, you will still find that he is up to date on all of the latest research, advancements, and trends. He always brings new ideas to the table, along with the FitBit he sports on his wrist.

6. Keep active
Come to a rowing class at the J on a Wednesday morning and you will find Dr. Lieberman hard at work and motivating his classmates. From over 50 years of jogging to swimming to group exercise classes, he has always valued being active.

7. Be eager to help
“What can I do to help?” is one of Dr. Lieberman’s most famous lines. He lives to serve our community and we are all the better for it. Whether it’s bringing in a new expert to speak or making a thank you call, Dr. Lieberman does it all.

8. Keep in touch
When we began the J WELLTH Speaker Series, we had no problem finding the best and brightest experts for our events. In his 55 years at Baylor Hospital (now Baylor Scott & White Health), Dr. Lieberman cultivated lasting relationships. One phone call from him and we had a lineup of physicians eager to get involved.

9. Give back
One of the greatest gifts that Dr. Lieberman has given the community is the Lieberman Family Wellness Center. It has allowed countless community members to improve their quality of life. In the past year over 20 physicians have participated in events, blog posts, social media content and have reached thousands of people.

Happy Birthday to our inspiration, Dr. Lieberman. Thank you for sharing your vision, values and lessons with us!