25 Things You Could Be Doing Other Than Eating Tide Pods

Eating tide pods? How is that even a thing? While I wish I could say that this latest viral “challenge” is not worth your time to “Google”, if you have teenage or college-aged children and you haven’t heard of it, it’s unfortunately time to get educated.

This challenge is dangerous. It’s gross. And it’s just downright dumb. Laundry detergent is meant for clothes, not your mouths or stomachs. Please…#justdont.

The title of this post really should read “25 MILLION Things You Could Be Doing Other Than Eating Tide Pods”, but…I’m very busy…writing posts on insane challenges. So, here is a list of just 25 things (I’m sure you could think of more…).

  1. Eat Almost Anything Else – While I’m not a huge fan of the nutritional value of donuts, these Hurts Tide Pod donuts are actually better than eating the real pods. Alternatively, here are some healthier options.
  2. Read a Book – Perhaps I could interest you in a read about oral or digestive health? Or not. How about the 2018 list of “Best Books” from Oprah’s Book Club?
  3. Learn a Language – Si tienes mucho tiempo, pasalo aprendiendo un idioma. S’il vous plait. Danke!
  4. Hone a Hobby – Your half-done crocheted blanket needs you!
  5. Get Attention For Something Life-Saving – How cool would it be to make a viral video about anti-bullying? Or how to properly install a car seat? #justsayin
  6. De-stress – Try meditation. Lavender. Epsom salt bath. The stress-free possibilities are endless.
  7. Adopt an Animal – I promise you, your parents would be happier if you brought home a new puppy than a stomach full of tide.
  8. Actually Do Your Laundry – Your overflowing laundry basket is calling you! I know this from personal experience.
  9. Spend Time With Your Family – Crack open those old home movies and take time to re-connect with those who love you the most.
  10. Play a Game – I’ve seen the Pie Face Game on many an Instagram feed lately, and it seems like a lot more fun than stuffing your face with detergent.
  11. Challenge Your Mind – Here are some apps that are said to increase your IQ by 20 points rather than decreasing it by…all of it!
  12. Hydrate – Dehydration has been known to cause dizziness and disorientation which can lead to not-so-great decisions. Learn more about staying hydrated here.
  13. Phone a Friend – Strike up a conversation with a friend on the phone instead of by text.
  14. Get Off Social Media – if the viral videos are tempting you on every social media platform you own, it’s time for a timeout. Put your phone away for at least 10 minutes a day and no tech-connecting at dinner!
  15. Do a Sugar Challenge – It’s amazing what eating less sugar can do for your well-being. Try doing a 30-day sugar-free challenge and see for yourself.
  16. Create Your Own Healthy Trend – Remember when going vegan wasn’t a trend? Well, it is now. What’s a part of your health routine that others might enjoy too?
  17. Babysit – I always in need of a babysitter (though I’m not sure I trust you if you’re even thinking about eating tide pods!)
  18. Find a New Restaurant – They are popping up everywhere! Impress your friends by being in-the-know about the latest and greatest.
  19. Exercise – Expend all that extra energy you have burning some calories instead of your mouth.
  20. Do An Exercise Challenge – Grab your friends and challenge them to push-ups, lunges, squats…you get the idea.
  21. Learn the Art of Communication – Take a course and learn to talk-back to your own impulses.
  22. Study – Find a new habit, expand your horizons and study up.
  23. Clean Your House – Make it game! Here’s a list of ways to make cleaning not so tedious.
  24. Write a Letter – Hand-write a thank you letter, write to Congress, write to your future self.
  25. Help Me Continue This List – I challenge you to help me get this list to 25 MILLION things. #andgo